Article series: My research

In 2015 we launched a relay race between the department's researchers. The goal is to present a series of small articles in the Monthly MATH Newsletter describing research across the MATH Department.

The intended reader is the researcher's colleagues here at the department. But you are welcome to read the articles.


          August 2019

Steffen L. Lauritzen:
Total positivity in graphical models

June 2019

 Jesper Lützen:
The history of mathematical impossibility 

            May 2019

Hans Plesner Jakobsen:
My research - in general terms

            April 2019

Jesper Michael Møller:
Euler Characteristics and p-Elements

March 2019
Henrik Schlichtkrull:
Real spherical spaces and Plancherel theory

February 2019
Lars Hesselholt:
Higher algebra

January 2019
Jonas Peters:

  December 2018
Mathias Drton:

Graphical models

November 2018
Michael Sørensen:
Statistical inference for stochastic dynamical models
  October 2018
Carsten Wiuf:
Fast and slow, large and small
  September 2018
Mogens Bladt:
Applied probability
August 2018
Thomas Mikosch:
The world of extremes
June 2018
Mikael Rørdam:
C∗-algebras, classification and dynamical systems

May 2018
Jan Philip Solovej:
On many-body quantum mechanics


April 2018
Henrik Holm:
Module/representation theory


March 2018
Niels Richard Hansen:
Predictive and Causal Learning

February 2018
Ryszard Nest:
Index theorems

December 2017
Laura Mancinska:
Playing games with quantum mechanics 

November 2017
Søren Eilers:
Geometric classification of C*-algebras

October 2017
Niels Grønbæk
Didactics of mathematics

September 2017
Rolf Poulsen:
Special FX

August 2017
Susanne Ditlevsen:
The stochastic brain

June 2017
Elisenda Feliu:
Algebraic tools for networks of interacting elements

May 2017
Dan Petersen:
Moduli of Curves

April 2017
Nathalie Wahl:
Homological stability phenomena and free loop spaces

March 2017
Bergfinnur Duurhus:
Quantum Geometry

February 2017
Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen:
The history of mathematics

December 2016
Matthias Christandl:
Tensor surgery

November 2016
Niels Martin Møller:
Minimal surfaces and geometric flow solitons

October 2016
Trine Krogh Boomsma:
Energy optimization under uncertainty and competition

September 2016
David Skovmand:
Term Structure Models

August 2016
Helle Sørensen
Functional data analysis

June 2016
Mogens Steffensen
Various control problems...

May 2016
Morten Risager:
Analytic number theory and automorphic functions.

April 2016
Lars Halvard Halle
Algebraic Geometry


March 2016
Magdalena Musat
From the interface between operator algebras, noncommutative probability and group theory


February 2016
Fabien Mehdi Pazuki:
Diophantine problems


December 2015
Jeffrey Collamore:
Large deviation theory


November 2015
Henrik Laurberg Pedersen:
Orthogonal polynomials and special functions


October 2015
Asger Törnquist:
Descriptive Set Theory