Algebra & Geometry Section

Algebra & Geometry

The Algebra & Geometry section's research includes Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry, Combinatorics, Geometry & Geometric Analysis, Number Theory, Representation Theory, and Topology, and has permanent faculty K. AdiprasitoD. ClausenS. Eilers, E. Feliu, S. Galatius, J. GrodalL. Hesselholt, H.Holm, I. Kiming, J. MatzJ. M. MøllerN. M. MøllerR. Nest, F. PazukiM. Risager, H. Schlichtkrull, and N. Wahl, along with around 20 postdocs and 20 PhD students. Our section proudly hosts the Copenhagen Center for Geometry and Topology (GeoTop). Several section members are also part of the Analysis & Quantum section, which together with AG represent pure mathematics at UCPH. 



Our research covers a large range of algebraic geometry, spanning from derived algebraic geometry and K-theory, over arithmetic geometry, to combinatorial algebraic geometry, as well as applied algebraic geometry.

Permanent faculty with interests within this research area include:  

  • Karim Adiprasito (combinatorial aspects of algebraic geometry, combinatorial Hodge theory)
  • Dustin Clausen (arithmetic geometry, algebraic K-theory)
  • Elisenda Feliu (applied algebraic geometry, applications to mathematical biology)
  • Lars H. Halle (degenerations of K-trivial varieties, Néron models, Hilbert schemes, geometric invariant theory)
  • Lars Hesselholt (arithmetic geometry, algebraic K-theory)
  • Søren Galatius (moduli spaces)
  • Ian Kiming (algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, Galois representations, automorphic forms)
  • Fabien Pazuki (abelian varieties, rational points, heights, arithmetic dynamics, Drinfeld modules)

The two research seminars most relevant to this area are the Number Theory seminar and the Algebra/Topology seminar. See also the group on Mathematical Biology, for applications of algebraic geometry.

For questions about this area (MSC  13-14), contact Lars Hesselholt, or any of the other researchers listed above.
















































































  • The Algebra/Topology seminar usually meets Mondays at 15:15, preceded by cookies from around 14:45. It covers a wide range of topics within the general label of algebra and topology. Talks are usually blackboard talks and last 60 minutes. See the calendar for a list of upcoming (and past) events.  

  • The Number Theory seminar usually meets Fridays 14:15-15:15. The current organizers are Fabien Pazuki and Jasmin Matz.

  • The Geometry Seminar