The Algebra & Geometry section's research includes Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry, Combinatorics, Geometry & Geometric Analysis, Number Theory, Representation Theory, and Topology, and has permanent faculty K. Adiprasito, D. Clausen, S. Eilers, E. Feliu, S. Galatius, J. GrodalL. H. HalleL. Hesselholt, H.Holm, I. Kiming, J. MatzJ. M. MøllerN. M. MøllerR. Nest, F. PazukiM. Risager, H. Schlichtkrull, and N. Wahl, along with around 20 postdocs and 20 PhD students. Our section proudly hosts the Copenhagen Center for Geometry and Topology (GeoTop). Several section members are also part of the Analysis & Quantum section, which together with AG represent pure mathematics at UCPH. 

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