Ph.D. Theses (PDF)

Book COVER is in A3 format with cutting marks for B5, TEXT is in A4 format, meant to be downscaled to B5.
p>Vignesh Subramanian, Categorification of Smith Theory

Jinwen Ye, Quantum Group Structures in Chern-Simons Theory
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-222-4, 2023 TEXT: [YE TEXT PDF]. COVER: [YE COVER PDF].

Nanna Havn Aamand, Quantum Group Structures in Chern-Simons Theory
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-221-7, 2023 TEXT: [AAMAND TEXT PDF]. COVER: [AAMAND COVER PDF].

Adriano Cordova Fedeli, Topological Hochschild homology of adic rings
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-220-0, 2023 TEXT: [CORDOVA TEXT PDF].

Ali Muhammad, Entropy bounds for self-shrinkers with symmetries and applications
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-219-4, 2023 TEXT: [MUHAMMAD TEXT PDF]. COVER: [MUHAMMAD COVER PDF].

Alexis Aumonier, Moduli of algebraic hypersurfaces via homotopy principles
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-218-7, 2023 TEXT: [AUMONIER TEXT PDF]. COVER: [AUMONIER COVER PDF].

Frederik Ravn Klausen, Random Problems in Mathematical Physics
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-217-0, 2023 TEXT: [KLAUSEN TEXT PDF]. COVER: [KLAUSEN COVER PDF].

Paula Belzig, Quantum communication and fault-tolerance
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-216-3, 2023 TEXT: [BELZIG TEXT PDF]. COVER: [BELZIG COVER PDF].

Anna Kamille Nyegaard, Projections and sensitivities of life insurance liabilities
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-214-9, 2023 TEXT: [NYEGAARD TEXT PDF]. COVER: [NYEGAARD COVER PDF].

Jacob Bjerre Skov, Dynamic Term Structure Modeling and the LIBOR Transition
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-215-6, 2023 TEXT: [SKOV TEXT PDF]. COVER: [SKOV COVER PDF].

Jingxuan Zhang, Localization theory for propagation of quantum information
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-213-2, 2023 TEXT: [ZHANG TEXT PDF]. COVER: [ZHANG COVER PDF].

Johannes Agerskov, One-dimensional Dilute Quantum Gases and Their Ground State Energies
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-071-8, 2023 TEXT: [JOAS TEXT PDF]. COVER: [JOAS COVER PDF].

Mads Friis Frand-Madsen, Connections between Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Data Hiding
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-070-1, 2023 TEXT: [MFFM TEXT PDF]. COVER: [MFFM COVER PDF].

Vincent Steffan, Tensor Decompositions, Theory and Applications in Quantum Information
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-069-5, 2023 TEXT: [VS TEXT PDF]. COVER: [VS COVER PDF].

Song Li, Mathematical tools for population genetics based on genotype data
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-068-8, 2023 TEXT: [SL TEXT PDF]. COVER: [SL COVER PDF].

Yumo Zhang, Dynamic portfolio optimization with stochastic investment opportunities
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-067-1, 2023 TEXT: [YZ TEXT PDF]. COVER: [YZ COVER PDF].

Severin Mejak, Definability of maximal discrete sets
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-063-3, 2023 TEXT: [SM TEXT PDF]. COVER: [SM COVER PDF].

Jamaal Ahmad, Matrix methods in multi-state life insurance
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-066-4, 2023 TEXT: [JA TEXT PDF]. COVER: [JA COVER PDF].

Alexander Frei, Operator algebras and nonlocal games: Optimal states and self-testing
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-065-7, 2023 TEXT: [AF TEXT PDF]. COVER: [AF COVER PDF].

Snorre Jallbjørn, Multi-Population Mortality Models and Scenario-Based Projections
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-062-6, 2023 TEXT: [SJ TEXT PDF]. COVER: [SJ COVER PDF].

Jeroen van der Meer, Higher-algebraic Picard invariants in modular representation theory
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-058-9, 2022 TEXT: [JVDM TEXT PDF]. COVER: [JVDM COVER PDF].

Nikolaj Theodor Birkmose Thams, Causality and Distribution Shift
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-061-9, 2022 TEXT: [NT TEXT PDF], Text in B5 format. COVER: [NT COVER PDF].

Phillip Bredahl Mogensen, Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Causal Discovery
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-060-2, 2022 TEXT: [PBM TEXT PDF], Text in B5 format. COVER: [PBM COVER PDF].

Kaif Hilman Tan, Norms and periodicities in genuine equivariant hermitian K–theory
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-059-6, 2022 TEXT: [KHT TEXT PDF], Text in B5 format. COVER: [KHT COVER PDF].

Debbie Kusch Falden, Projection of balances and benefits in life insurance with various dividend strategies
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-057-2, 2022 TEXT: [DKF PDF]; COVER: [DKF PDF].

Henning Olai Milhøj, Quasitraces, Tracial States, and Kaplansky's Conjecture
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-056-5, 2022 TEXT: [HOM PDF], NB: Text in B5 format. COVER: [HOM PDF].

Malte Sander Leip, On the Hochschild homology of hypersurfaces as a mixed complex
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-055-8, 2022
TEXT: [MSL PDF vol.1], [MSL PDF vol.2] NB: Text in B5 format. COVER: [COVER PDF vol.1], [COVER PDF vol.2].

Sigurd Emil Rømer, Essays on rough and classical stochastic volatility
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-054-1, 2022 TEXT: [SER PDF],    COVER: [SER COVER PDF].

Manh Cuong Ngo, Modelling marine mammal reactions
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-053-4, 2022 TEXT: [MCN PDF],    COVER: [MCN COVER PDF].

Alexander Sevel Lollike, Projections in Life Insurance and the Equilibrium Approach to Utility Optimization
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-052-7, 2022 TEXT: [ASL PDF],    COVER: [ASL COVER PDF].

Marie Fialová, Aharonov-Casher theorems for manifolds with boundary
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-051-0, 2022 TEXT: [MF PDF],    COVER: [MF COVER PDF].

Luigi Pagano, The motivic zeta functions of Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-050-3, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Meltem Ünel, Random trees with height dependent weights: Local limits and applications
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-049-7, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Martin Emil Jakobsen, Causality and generalizability: Identifiability and learning methods
ISBN-number: 978-87-7125-048-0, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Francesco Campagna, Arithmetic and diophantine properties of elliptic curves with complex multiplication
ISBN 978-87-7125-047-3, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Daria Poliakova, Homotopical algebra and combinatorics of polytopes
ISBN 978-87-7125-045-9, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Sabiha Sibel Tokus, Variational methods for quantum Hamiltonians
ISBN: 978-87-7125-046-6, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Maria Laura Battagliola, Quantile regression for scalar and functional clustered data and data analysis with phase-amplitude separation
ISBN: 978-87-7125-044-2, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Robin Janik Sroka, Patterns in the homology of algebras: Vanishing, stability, and higher structures
ISBN: 978-87-7125-043-5, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Lasse Petersen, Causal inference and machine learning
ISBN: 978-87-7125-042-8, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Maxime Savoy, Combinatorial cell complexes. Duality, reconstruction and causal cobordisms
ISBN: 978-87-7125-041-1, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Mikala Ørsnes Jansen, The stratified homotopy type of the reductive Borel-Serre compactification and applications to algebraic K-theory.
ISBN: 978-87-7125-040-4, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Nicholas Gauguin Houghton-Larsen, A mathematical framework for causally structured dilations and its relation to quantum self-testing
ISBN: 978-87-7125-039-8, 2021    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Zhipeng Duan, On equivariant Euler characteristics and spaces of trees
ISBN: 978-87-7125-038-1, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Asbjørn Christian Nordentoft, On arithmetic statistics and periods of automorphic forms
ISBN: 978-87-7125-037-4, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Jorge Yslas, Point process convergence of random walks and the estimation of multivariate heavy-tailed distributions
ISBN: 978-87-7125-032-9, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Christian Furrer, Multi-state modeling in the mathematics of life insurance: meditations and applications
ISBN: 978-87-7125-036-7, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Clemens Borys, Groups, actions, and C*-algebras
ISBN: 978-87-7125-034-3, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Riccardo Pengo, Mahler measures, special values of L-functions and complex multiplication
ISBN: 978-87-7125-035-0, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Philipp Schmitt, Strict quantization of certain classes of analytic functions
ISBN: 978-87-7125-033-6, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Rune Christiansen, Causal inference in the presence of hidden variables: Structure learning, Effect estimation and distribution generalization
ISBN: 978-87-7125-031-2, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Joshua Edward Hunt, Decompositions and obstructions for the stable module ∞-category
ISBN: 978-87-7078-898-4, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Søren Wengel Mogensen, Graphical modeling in dynamical systems
ISBN: 978-87-7078-897-7, 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Angélica Marcela Torres Bustos, Algebraic methods for bistability and oscillations in reaction networks
ISBN: 978-87-7078-896-0. 2020    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Francesco Chini, Some classification results for translating solitons and ancient mean curvature flows
ISBN: 978-87-7078-895-3, 2019    TEXT: [PDF],   

Mads Bonde Raad, Stability of age dependent Hawkes processes
ISBN: 978-87-7078-894-6, 2019    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kevin Aguyar Brix, Topological dynamics, groupoids and C*-algebras
ISBN: 978-87-7078-893-9, 2019    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Asger Kjærulff Jensen, Tensors and the entanglement of pure quantum states
ISBN: 978-87-7078-890-8, 2019    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Karen Bakke Haga, Maximal almost disjoint families, determinacy, and forcing
ISBN: 978-87-7078-889-2, 2019    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Georgios Dalezios, Relative homological algebra and exact model structures
ISBN: 978-87-7078-886-1, 2019    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Henrik Carøe Bylling, Bilevel optimization with applications in energy
ISBN: 978-87-7078-885-4, 2019    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Vibeke Quorning, Cantor-Bendixson type ranks & Co-induction and invariant random subgroups
ISBN: 978-87-7078-884-7, 2019    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Rune Harder Bak, Tensor abelian categories -- in a non-commutative setting
ISBN: 978-87-7078-805-2, 2018    TEXT: [PDF].

Espen Auseth Nielsen, Operations on Hochschild complexes of Hopf-like algebras
ISBN: 978-87-7078-883-0, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Mads Christian Hansen, Quasi-stationary distributions in stochastic reaction networks
ISBN: 978-87-7078-881-6, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Martin Speirs, On the algebraic K-theory of coordinate axes and truncated polynomial algebras
ISBN: 978-87-7078-916-5, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Niels Aske Lundtorp Olsen, Statistical analysis of functional data: Multivariate responses, misaligned data and local inference
ISBN: 978-87-7078-915-8, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Amir Hosein Sadeghimanesh, Algebraic tools in the study of multistationarity of chemical reaction networks
ISBN: 978-87-7078-914-1, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Manuel Krannich, On characteristic classes of manifold bundles
ISBN: 978-87-7078-908-0, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Benjamin Böhme, Equivariant multiplications and idempotent splittings of G-spectra
ISBN: 978-87-7078-913-4, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Roberto Ferrara, An information-theoretic framework for quantum repeaters
ISBN: 978-87-7078-912-7, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Valerio Proietti, On K-theory, groups, and topological dynamics
ISBN: 978-87-7078-906-6, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Anton Samojlow, Universality of Born-Oppenheimer curves
ISBN: 978-87-7078-909-7, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Samuele Soraggi, Theory and inference on gene flow and ploidy numbers from NGS data
2018    TEXT: [PDF].

Jacob Østergaard, Statistical methods for neural data: Cointegration analysis of coupled neurons & generalized linear models for spike train data
ISBN: 978-87-7078-903-5, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Mareile Große Ruse, Inference from stochastic processes with application to birdsongs and biomedicine
ISBN: 978-87-7078-902-8, 2018    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Frederik Vissing Mikkelsen, Model selection and risk estimation with applications to nonlinear ordinary differential equation systems
ISBN: 978-87-7078-901-1, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Dino Destefano, Investigating slopes of overconvergent modular forms
ISBN: 978-87-7078-900-4, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Birger Brietzke, On the second order correction to the ground state energy of the dilute Bose gas
ISBN: 978-87-7078-932-5, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Xiaolei Xie, Analysis of heavy-tailed time series
ISBN: 978-87-7078-931-8, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Adam Lund, Spatio-temporal modeling of neuron fields
ISBN: 978-87-7078-934-9, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Emil Steen Jørgensen, Diffusion models observed at high frequency and applications in finance
ISBN: 978-87-7078-933-2, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Rasmus Sylvester Bryder, Boundaries, injective envelopes, and reduced crossed products
ISBN: 978-87-7078-930-1, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Martin S. Christensen, Regularity of C*-algebras and central sequence algebras
ISBN: 978-87-7078-929-5, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Eduardo Scarparo, Partial actions, paradoxicality and topological full groups
ISBN: 978-87-7078-927-1, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Christian Majenz, Entropy in quantum information theory -- Communication and cryptography
ISBN: 978-87-7078-928-8, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Matias Lolk, Dynamical systems and algebras associated with separated graphs
ISBN: 978-87-7078-925-7, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Tomasz Prytula, Hyperbolic isometries of systolic complexes
ISBN: 978-87-7078-923-3, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Johannes Heiny, Extreme eigenvalues of sample covariance and correlation matrices
ISBN: 978-87-7078-921-9, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Clarisson Rizzie Canlubo, Non-commutative covering spaces and their symmetries
ISBN: 978-87-7078-922-6, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kang Li, Novel mathematical neural models for visual attention
ISBN: 978-87-7078-920-2, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Amalie Høgenhaven, Real topological cyclic homology
ISBN: 978-87-7078-919-6, 2017    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Robin Reuvers. Analysis of the Bogoliubov free energy functional
ISBN: 978-87-7078-917-2, 2016    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Rune Ramsdal Ernstsen. Operation, investment and hedging in electricity markets
ISBN: 978-87-7078-918-9, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Ditte Mølgård Heide-Jørgensen, Operations management in short-term power markets
ISBN: 978-87-7078-951-6, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Massimiliano Ungheretti, On the algebraic structure of Hochschild complexes and the free loop space
ISBN: 978-87-7078-950-9, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Niek de Kleijn, Group actions on deformation quantizations and an equivariant algebraic index theorem
ISBN: 978-87-7078-949-3, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kristian Knudsen Olesen, Analytic aspects of the Thompson groups
ISBN: 978-87-7078-948-6, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Martin Jönsson, Essays on quantitative finance
ISBN: 978-87-7078-945-5, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Giacomo Cherubini, Studies in the hyperbolic circle problem
ISBN: 978-87-7078-946-2, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Ninna Reitzel Jensen, Modern policyholder preferences and scenario-based projections
ISBN: 978-87-7078-944-8, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Simon Ellersgaard Nielsen, Essays on rational portfolio theory
ISBN: 978-87-7078-939-4, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Lykke Rasmussen, Computational finance - on the search for performance
ISBN: 978-87-7078-943-1, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Matthias Grey, Rational homological stability for automorphisms of manifolds
ISBN 978-87-7078-956-1, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Seyed Nourollah Mousavi, Analysis of functional data with focus on multinomial regression and multilevel data
ISBN 978-87-7078-940-0, 2016:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kang Li, Property A and coarse embedding for locally compact groups
ISBN 978-87-7078-936-3, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Sima Mashayekhi, Numerical methods for nonlinear PDEs in finance
ISBN: 978-87-7078-935-6, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Casper Guldberg, On homotopy automorphisms of Koszul spaces
ISBN 978-87-7078-959-2, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Nina Munkholt Jakobsen, Efficient estimating functions for stochastic differential equations
ISBN 978-87-7078-960-8, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kamille Sofie Tågholt Gad, Optimal stopping and policyholder behaviour in life insurance
ISBN 978-87-7078-961-5, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kristian Buchardt, Life insurance liabilities with policyholder behaviour and stochastic rates
ISBN 978-87-7078-967-7, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Martha Muller, Functional data analysis applied in chemometrics
ISBN 978-87-7078-968-4, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],   

Mathias Makedonski, On the stability of spherically symmetric selfgravitating classical and quantum systems
ISBN: 978-87-7078-962-2, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Mauricio Gomez Lopez, Spaces of piecewise linear manifolds
ISBN: 978-87-7078-963-9, 2015:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Lars Frederik Brandt Henriksen, Aspects of valuation and optimization in life insurance
ISBN: 978-87-7078-965-3. 2014: TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Nadim Rustom, Algebra and arithmetic of modular forms
ISBN: 978-87-7078-966-0, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Søren Knudby, Approximation properties for groups and von Neumann algebras
ISBN: 978-87-7078-971-4, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kristian J. Moi, Equivariant homotopy theory and K-theory of exact categories with duality
ISBN: 978-87-7078-970-7, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Sune Precht Reeh, Burnside rings of fusion systems
ISBN 978-87-7078-974-5, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Anders Christian Jensen, Statistical inference for partially observed diffusion processes
ISBN: 978-87-7078-975-2, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Flemming Brændgaard von Essen, Automorphic forms - Multiplier systems and Taylor coefficients
ISBN: 978-87-7078-977-6, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Martin Wedel Jacobsen, Block fusion systems and the center of the group ring
ISBN: 978-87-7078-976-9, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Morten Tolver Kronborg, Advances in Consumption-Investment problems with applications to pension
2014:    TEXT: [PDF].

Toke Nørgård-Sørensen: Homotopy representations of simply connected p-compact groups of rank 1 or 2
2014:     TEXT: [PDF],

Daniela Egas Santander, Graph complexes and the moduli space of Riemann surfaces
ISBN 978-87-7078-978-3, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kim Petersen, The mathematics of charged particles interacting with electromagnetic fields
ISBN 978-87-7078-979-0, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Alexander Sokol, On martingales, causality, identifiability and model selection
ISBN 978-87-7078-386-6, 2014:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Yuwei Zhao, A Fourier analysis of extremal events
ISBN 978-87-7078-982-0, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Angela Klamt, The complex of looped diagrams and natural operations on Hochschild homology
ISBN 978-87-7078-981-3, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Rasmus Bentmann, Contributions to the structure theory of non-simple C*-algebras
ISBN 978-87-7078-985-1, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Morten Karlsmark, Four essays in quantitative finance
ISBN 978-87-7078-984-4, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Tim de Laat, Approximation properties for Lie groups and noncommutative Lp-spaces
ISBN 978-87-7078-987-5, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Stella Anevski, Algebraic K-theory of generalized schemes
ISBN 978-87-7078-988-2, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Thomas Hjortgaard Danielsen, Harmonic analysis on triple spaces
ISBN 978-87-7078-991-2, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Kenneth Bruhn, Preferences and design in insurance and pensions
ISBN 978-87-7078-9929, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Martin Vincent, High dimensional multiclass classification with applications to cancer diagnosis
2013: TEXT: [PDF].

Maria Ramirez-Solano, Non-commutative geometrical aspects and topological invariants of a conformally regular pentagonal tiling of the plane
ISBN (Print) 978-87-7078-994-3, 2013:

Massimiliano Tamborrino, Neural network connectivity and response latency modelled by stochastic processes
ISBN 978-87-7078-996-7, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Henrik Densing Petersen. Lˆ2-Betti numbers of locally compact groups
ISBN 978-87-7078-993-6, 2013:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Emanuele Dotto, Stable real K-theory and real topological Hochschild homology
ISBN 978-87-7078-997-4, 2012:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Hannes Thiel, On dimension and shape theory for C*-algebras
ISBN 978-87-7078-995-0, 2012:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Adam Peder Wie Sørensen, Semiprojectivity and the geometry of graphs
ISBN 978-87-7078-998-1, 2012:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

George Maria Napolitano, Infinite random graphs with a view towards quantum gravity
ISBN 978-87-91927-67-6, 2012:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Chiara Esposito, On the classical and quantum momentum map
ISBN 978-87-91927-69-0, 2012:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Tarje Bargheer, A Colourful Approach to String Topology
ISBN 978-87-91927-60-7, 2012: TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Phan Thanh Nam, Contributions to the rigorous study of the structure of atoms
ISBN 978-87-91927-66-9, 2011:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Rune Johansen, On flow equivalence of sofic shifts
ISBN 978-87-91927-61-4, 2011:    TEXT: [PDF],    COVER: [PDF].

Gabriel G. Drimus, Volatility-of-Volatility perspectives: Variance derivatives and other equity exotics
2011:    TEXT: [PDF].

Lisbeth Carstensen, Hawkes processes and combinatorial transcriptional regulation
2010:    TEXT: [PDF].

Esben Masotti Kryger, Five essays in life insurance mathematics
2010:    TEXT: [PDF].

Tine Buch-Kromann, Large loss models for general insurance
2009:    TEXT: [PDF].

Anders H. Jessen, Claims reserving and other topics in non-life insurance mathematics
2009:    TEXT: [PDF].

Cathrine Jessen, Risk analyses of financial derivatives and structured products
2009:    TEXT: [PDF].

Jens Kaad, A calculation of the multiplicative character on higher algebraic K-theory
ISBN 987-87-91927-47-8, 2009:    TEXT: [PDF].

Jonas B. Rasmussen, Higher congruences between modular forms
ISBN 978-87-91927-45-4, 2009:    TEXT: [PDF].

Kasper Kristensen, Statistical aspects of heterogeneous population dynamics
2009:    TEXT: [PDF].

Troels Windfeldt, Computational aspects of graph coloring and the Quillen-Suslin theorem
ISBN 978-87-91927-35-5, 2009:    TEXT: [PDF].

Anders Gaarde, Projections and residues on manifolds with boundary
ISBN 978-87-91927-31-7, 2008:    TEXT: [PDF].

Ali Abdelrahman, Asymptotic theory for the sample autocorrelation function and the extremes of stochastic volatility models
2008:    TEXT: [PDF].

David Kyed, L2-invariants for quantum groups
ISBN 87-91927-22-6, 2008:    TEXT: [PDF].

Gunnar Restorff, Classification of non-simple C*-algebras
ISBN 978-87-91927-25-6, 2008:    TEXT: [PDF].

Theis Lange, Asymptotic theory in financial time series models with conditional heteroscedasticity
2008:    TEXT: [PDF].

Julie Lyng Forman, Statistical inference from diffusion driven models
2007:    TEXT: [PDF].

Esben Bistrup Halvorsen, Intersection multiplicities and Grothendieck spaces
ISBN 87-91927-15-3, 2007:    TEXT: [PDF].

David Brink, Procyclic Galois extensions of number fields
ISBN 87-91180-26-0, 2006:    TEXT: [PDF].    COVER: [PDF],   [PostScript].

Peter Holm Nielsen, Financial optimization problems in life and pension insurance
2005:    TEXT: [PDF].

Mikkel Dahl, On mortality and investment risk in life insurance
2005:    TEXT: [PDF].

Tommy Bülow, Norms of units and 4-rank of class groups
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