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AG Section for Algebra & Geometry    GeoTop Centre for Geometry & Topology
QA Section for Analysis & Quantum   QMATH Centre for Quantum Mathematics
IE Section for Insurance and Economics MBIO Mathematical Biology Group
SPT Section for Statistics and Probability Theory   CoCaLa Copenhagen Causality Lab

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
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Abbasi, Shabnam Academic Officer +4535325574 E-mail
Adams, Jeffrey Glenn PhD Fellow SPT +4535321494 E-mail
Adiprasito, Karim Alexander Professor AG, GeoTop +4535330527 E-mail
Advocaat, Bryan William PhD Student AG, GeoTop   E-mail
Agerkvist, Helene Academic Officer +4535336074 E-mail
Agerskov, Johannes PhD Student QA, QMATH   E-mail
Ahmad, Jamaal PhD Student IE +4535321571 E-mail
Andersen, Suzanne Centre Administrator +4535327057 E-mail
Andreasen, Jesper Fredborg Affiliate Professor IE   E-mail
Asgeirsson, Dagur Tomas PhD Student +4535321654 E-mail
Aumonier, Alexis Bertrand Jacques PhD Fellow AG, GeoTop +4535326070 E-mail
Avvakumov, Serhii Postdoc AG, GeoTop +4535325323 E-mail
Baltzersen, Lone Programme Secretary +4535325635 E-mail
Batenburg, Nena PhD Student +4535322206 E-mail
Battagliola, Maria Laura Research Assistant SPT +4535324842 E-mail
Belzig, Paula PhD Fellow QA, QMATH +4535328201 E-mail
Bennett, Charles Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Berg, Christian Professor Emeritus QA +4535320777 E-mail
Bernard, Calista Kurtz External Research Assistant   E-mail
Bianchi, Andrea Postdoc AG, GeoTop +45+4915258418887 E-mail
Biswas, Arindam Postdoc Postdoc   E-mail
Bjerg, August Andersen PhD Fellow +4535321576 E-mail
Bluhm, Andreas Postdoc QA, QMATH   E-mail
Bols, Alexander Fransiscus J Postdoc QA, QMATH   E-mail
Boomsma, Trine Krogh Associate Professor IE +4535320733 E-mail
Borgi, Abrahim Ben Chadli Academic Officer +4535332632 E-mail
Bulté, Matthieu Jacques Bechara PhD Fellow +4535324688 E-mail
Campagna, Francesco PhD Student AG +4535334228 E-mail
Carmeli, Shahar Postdoc +4535324541 E-mail
Charlier, Christophe Michel B Postdoc +4535322365 E-mail
Chen, Ranyiliu PhD Fellow +4535335011 E-mail
Christandl, Matthias Professor QA, QMATH +4535332298 E-mail
Christensen, Erik Associate Professor Emeritus QA +4535320740 E-mail
Christgau, Alexander Mangulad PhD Fellow   E-mail
Clausen, Dustin Associate Professor AG, GeoTop +4535320742 E-mail
Colding, Frederik Tobias Holck Affiliate Professor AG, QA, GeoTop, QMATH +4529611584 E-mail
Collamore, Jeffrey F. Professor IE +4535320782 E-mail
Cordova Fedeli, Adriano PhD Fellow +4535328452 E-mail
Cornué, Floriane Research Assistant +4535324808 E-mail
Das, Ronno Postdoc +4535324241 E-mail
Ditlevsen, Susanne Professor SPT +4535320785 E-mail
Dor On, Adam Postdoc QA +4535324245 E-mail
Durhuus, Bergfinnur Professor QA, QMATH +4535320735 E-mail
Eilers, Søren Professor QA, AG +4535320755 E-mail
Elis, Pierre PhD Fellow +4535324747 E-mail
Elliott, George Arthur Affiliate Professor QA +4535320723 E-mail
Falden, Debbie Kusch PhD Student IE +4535334826 E-mail
Feliu, Elisenda Associate Professor SPT, AG +4535320794 E-mail
Foss, Gyrd Erik Head of Administration +4535329266 E-mail
Frand-Madsen, Mads Friis PhD Student QA, QMATH +4535333026 E-mail
Frei, Alexander PhD Student QA,AG   E-mail
Friedrich, Alexander Postdoc AG, QA, GeoTop   E-mail
Fronk, Jacob PhD Fellow QA, QMATH +4535325225 E-mail
Fuglede, Bent Professor Emeritus QA +4535320777 E-mail
Fulling, Mette Academic Officer Guests, hotels, conferences and reception +4535330490 E-mail
Furrer, Christian Assistant Professor - Tenure Track IE +4530241815 E-mail
Galatius, Søren Professor AG, GeoTop +4535330581 E-mail
Gritschacher, Simon Philipp Postdoc AG, GeoTop +4535324890 E-mail
Grodal, Jesper Professor AG, GeoTop +4535320686 E-mail
Grubb, Gerd Emerita +4535320743 E-mail
Grønbæk, Niels Professor Emeritus QA +4535320688 E-mail
Gulddal, Natasha Roschier Rørdam Project Finance Administrator Research funding +4535320221 E-mail
Hansen, Ernst Associate Professor SPT, MBIO +4535320773 E-mail
Hansen, Niels Richard Head of Section SPT, CoCaLa +4535320783 E-mail
Henckel, Christian Filipe Leonard Postdoc +4535320237 E-mail
Henningsen, Inge Biehl Emeritus SPT   E-mail
Henriksson, Oskar PhD Fellow +4535322107 E-mail
Hermansen, Jonas Gyde PhD Fellow   E-mail
Hesselholt, Lars Professor AG, GeoTop +4551319971 E-mail
Hiabu, Munir Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535324587 E-mail
Hirche, Christoph Research Assistant QA, QMATH +4535335317 E-mail
Holberg, Christian PhD Fellow +4535322359 E-mail
Holm, Henrik Granau Associate Professor AG +4551320018 E-mail
Huang, Shimeng PhD Student +4535321694 E-mail
Høyer, Jim Special Consultant Communication +4535330491 E-mail
Ilg, Lykke Administrative Officer +4535320467 E-mail
Iwasa, Ryomei Postdoc AG +4535333952 E-mail
Jacobsen, Martin Emeritus SPT +4535320776 E-mail
Jakobsen, Hans Plesner Affiliate Professor QA, AG +4535320689 E-mail
Jakobsen, Martin Emil PhD Student SPT, CoCaLa   E-mail
Jallbjørn, Snorre Industrial PhD SPT, CoCaLa   E-mail
Jansen, Mikala Ørsnes Postdoc AG, GeoTop +4535337310 E-mail
Jensen, Chr Ulrik Emeritus AG +4535320751 E-mail
Jøndrup, Søren Associate Professor Emeritus AG +4535320730 E-mail
Jørgensen, Ole No job title Bibliotekar +4535320795 E-mail
Kiming, Ian Professor AG +4535320758 E-mail
Kjeldsen, Tinne Hoff Professor, Deputy Head of Department QA +4535335161 E-mail
Kjær, Boris Bolvig PhD Student +4535332778 E-mail
Klausen, Frederik Ravn PhD Student QA, QMATH   E-mail
Kock, Joachim Associate Professor +4535324631 E-mail
Krüger, Torben Heinrich Associate Professor QA, QMATH +4535331332 E-mail
Kühne, Lars Postdoc AG   E-mail
Lahtinen, Anssi Postdoc AG   E-mail
Land, Markus Postdoc AG, GeoTop   E-mail
Lauritzen, Steffen Professor Emeritus +4535337597 E-mail
Lee, Sangmin Industrial PhD   E-mail
Leip, Malte Enrolled PhD Student +4535324887 E-mail
Leváková, Marie Postdoc +4535324195 E-mail
Li, Song PhD Student   E-mail
Liu, Xiaomeng Visiting PhD Student IE   E-mail
Lollike, Alexander Sevel PhD Student IE +4535337531 E-mail
Lysikov, Vladimir Postdoc QA, QMATH   E-mail
Lützen, Jesper Professor QA +4535320741 E-mail
Ma, John Postdoc AG, GeoTop   E-mail
Madsen, Ib Henning Emeritus AG +4535320682 E-mail
Mancinska, Laura Associate Professor QA, QMATH +4535324897 E-mail
Markussen, Bo Associate Professor SPT +4535320778 E-mail
Martos Prieto, Ruben Postdoc AG, QA +4535332284 E-mail
Marushkevych, Dmytro Postdoc +4535322874 E-mail
Matz, Jasmin Associate Professor AG, QA +4535330054 E-mail
Mejak, Severin PhD Student QA   E-mail
Meyer, Johannes Jakob Visiting PhD Student QA, QMATH   E-mail
Mikosch, Thomas Valentin Professor IE +4535330414 E-mail
Milhøj, Henning Olai PhD Fellow QA   E-mail
Mogensen, Phillip Bredahl PhD Student SPT +4535331780 E-mail
Moon, Alvin Postdoc +4535323078 E-mail
Muhammad, Ali PhD Fellow AG, GeoTop +4535325279 E-mail
Musat, Magdalena Elena Professor QA, SPT, QMATH +4535320745 E-mail
Møller, Jesper Michael Professor AG, GeoTop +4535320691 E-mail
Møller, Niels Martin Associate Professor AG, QA, GeoTop, QMATH +4535333435 E-mail
Møller, Thomas Affiliate Professor IE +4526872301 E-mail
Nest, Ryszard Professor Emeritus AG, QA +4523269607 E-mail
Ngo, Manh Cuong PhD Student SPT   E-mail
Nielsen, Lise Steen Special Consultant +4535320873 E-mail
Nielsen, Rikke Søndergaard PhD Fellow SPT, CoCaLa +4535334909 E-mail
Nyegaard, Anna Kamille PhD Student IE +4560145541 E-mail
Näf, Florian Diego Postdoc +4535321646 E-mail
Olsson, Jørn Børling Professor Emeritus AG   E-mail
Pagano, Luigi PhD Student AG +45+393386954416 E-mail
Pantuso, Giovanni Associate Professor IE +4535335608 E-mail
Pascual Escudero, Beatriz Postdoc SPT, MBIO, AG +4591754628 E-mail
Paulsen, Jostein Professor IE +4535332248 E-mail
Pazuki, Fabien Professor +4535330567 E-mail
Pedersen, Henrik Laurberg Head of Section QA +4535330403 E-mail
Pedersen, Jesper Lund Associate Professor IE +4535320775 E-mail
Pedersen, Thomas Vils Associate Professor QA +4535334304 E-mail
Peters, Jonas Martin Professor SPT, CoCaLa   E-mail
Petersen, Lasse Research Assistant SPT, CoCaLa +4535331627 E-mail
Petersson, Morten Attendant FU +4535330497 E-mail
Pfister, Niklas Andreas Assistant Professor - Tenure Track SPT   E-mail
Pilipovic, Predrag Research Assistant SPT +4535337522 E-mail
Poulsen, Rolf Professor IE +4535320685 E-mail
Pourahmadi, Farzaneh Postdoc SPT, MBIO +4535325047 E-mail
Prakash, Jitendra Guest Researcher   E-mail
Randal-Williams, Oscar Visiting Professor GeoTop   E-mail
Rasmussen, Astrid Steen Academic Officer +4535336430 E-mail
Risager, Morten S. Professor AG, QA +4535320756 E-mail
Rømer, Sigurd Emil PhD Student IE +4535324029 E-mail
Rørdam, Mikael Professor, Deputy Head of Department QA, QMATH +4551363032 E-mail
Saengkyongam, Sorawit PhD Fellow SPT, CoCaLa +4535328238 E-mail
Savoy, Maxime Grégoire PhD Student QA, QMATH +4535326274 E-mail
Schimmer, Lukas Guest Researcher   E-mail
Schlichtkrull, Henrik Professor QA, AG +4535330405 E-mail
Schnider, Patrick Postdoc AG, GeoTop +4535321210 E-mail
Skov, Jacob Bjerre PhD Student IE +4535326536 E-mail
Skovmand, David Glavind Associate professor, Head of Studies IE +4535335510 E-mail
Solovej, Jan Philip Professor QA, QMATH +4535330494 E-mail
Sroka, Robin PhD Student AG, GeoTop   E-mail
Stavenuiter, Rasmus Kløvgaard PhD Fellow QA +4535333831 E-mail
Steffan, Vincent PhD Student QA, QMATH +4535331156 E-mail
Steffensen, Mogens Head of Section IE +4535320789 E-mail
Steinmeyer, Johanna Kristina PhD Fellow AG, GeoTop   E-mail
Stilck França, Daniel Postdoc QA, QMATH +4535337404 E-mail
Stuart, Robyn Margaret Assistant Professor - Tenure Track SPT +4535334274 E-mail
Subramanian, Vignesh PhD Fellow AG, GeoTop +454552754514 E-mail
Søberg, Bjarne Attendant +4593565233 E-mail
Sørensen, Helle Professor SPT +4535320788 E-mail
Sørensen, Michael Head of Department, Professor SPT, IE +4535330402 E-mail
Tan, Kaif Muhammad Borhan PhD Fellow AG, GeoTop +4535335455 E-mail
Tapdrup, Jan Academic Officer Centre administrator +4535327114 E-mail
Tegnér, Nils Martin Anders Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535331202 E-mail
Telek, Mate Laszlo PhD Fellow   E-mail
Thams, Nikolaj Theodor Birkmose PhD Student SPT, CoCaLa +4535324197 E-mail
Thorup, Anders Associate Professor Emeritus AG +4535320751 E-mail
Tolver, Anders Associate Professor SPT +4535332337 E-mail
Topsøe, Flemming Emeritus QA +4535020733 E-mail
Törnquist, Asger Dag Associate Professor QA +4535320757 E-mail
Volcic, Jurij Postdoc +4535324684 E-mail
Waaij, Jan van Postdoc SPT, MBIO +4535331595 E-mail
Wahl, Nathalie Head of Centre, Professor AG, GeoTop +4535321471 E-mail
Wang, Huixia PhD Student SPT   E-mail
Weichwald, Sebastian Assistant Professor - Tenure Track SPT, CoCaLa +4535334325 E-mail
Weisse, Nina PhD Secretary PhD secretary, KUPA, Ad hoc booking +4535334791 E-mail
Werner, Albert H. Assistant Professor QA, QMATH +4535332589 E-mail
Wiuf, Carsten Professor SPT, MBIO +4551319991 E-mail
Xia, Panqiu Postdoc SPT, MBIO   E-mail
Yang, Meng Postdoc QA, QMATH +4535327409 E-mail
Ye, Jinwen PhD Fellow IE   E-mail
Zhang, Jingxuan PhD Student AG, GeoTop +4535329077 E-mail
van der Meer, Jeroen Wouter PhD Fellow AG, GeoTop +4535321065 E-mail
Ünel, Meltem PhD Student QA, QMATH +4535331871 E-mail