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Abbreviations - Research Groups and centres:
ALG Algebra and Number Theory GAMP Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics
IE Insurance and Economics MBIO Mathematics of reaction networks
NCG Non-Commutative Geometry QMATH Quantum Mathematics @ Copenhagen
SPT Statistics and Probability Theory SYM Centre for Symmetry and Deformation
TOP Topology

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Andersen, Kasper Klinkby SonneVisiting associate professor ALG  E-mail
Andersen, SuzanneCentre administrator  +45 353-27057E-mail
Andreasen, Jesper Fredborg   E-mail
Arklint, SaraAcademic administrative officer Uddannelse, Lokalebookning +45 353-20754E-mail
Baltzersen, LoneProgramme secretary  +45 353-20723E-mail
Battagliola, Maria LauraPhD student SPT  E-mail
Bauer, David MariusPhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-26809E-mail
Berg, ChristianProfessor emeritus GAMP, SPT +45 353-20777E-mail
Bergh, Daniel Sven TobiasPostdoc ALG, TOP +45 353-25353E-mail
Bladt, MogensProfessor SPT, IE +45 353-34646E-mail
Boomsma, Trine KroghAssociate professor IE +45 353-20733E-mail
Borregaard, JohannesPostdoc QMATH +45 353-30092E-mail
Borys, ClemensPhD student NCG, SYM +45 353-24867E-mail
Brix, Kevin AguyarPhD student SYM, NCG +45 353-34896E-mail
Bétermin, LaurentPostdoc QMATH +45 353-24930E-mail
Börjeson, KajPostdoc ALG; TOP, SYM  E-mail
Campagna, FrancescoPhD student ALG, SYM +45 353-34228E-mail
Chini, FrancescoPhD student GAMP, QMATH +45 353-32849E-mail
Christandl, MatthiasProfessor GAMP, QMATH +45 353-32298E-mail
Christensen, ErikAssociate professor, research and development NCG, SYM +45 353-20740E-mail
Christiansen, RunePhD student SPT +45 353-33240E-mail
Colding, Frederik Tobias HolckAffiliate Professor GAMP, SYM +45 29 61 15 84E-mail
Collamore, Jeffrey F.Professor IE +45 353-20782E-mail
Dam, Henrik ThyboPhD student IE +45 353-32574E-mail
Danielsen, Thomas HjortgaardPhD student GAMP, SYM +45 353-20677E-mail
Ditlevsen, SusanneProfessor SPT +45 353-20785E-mail
Drton, MathiasProfessor SPT +45 353-31650E-mail
Duan, ZhipengPhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-31190E-mail
Durhuus, BergfinnurProfessor GAMP, QMATH +45 353-20735E-mail
Eilers, SørenProfessor NCG, SYM +45 353-20755E-mail
Eilsøe-Madsen, StigStudent assistant   E-mail
Elliott, George ArthurAffiliate Professor NCG, SYM +45 353-20723E-mail
Ewert, Eske EllenPhD student SYM, NCG  E-mail
Feliu, ElisendaAssociate professor SPT, MBIO, ALG +45 353-20794E-mail
Flensted-Jensen, MogensProfessor emeritus GAMP +45 26 31 26 65E-mail
Frey, Linda KarinaExternal   E-mail
Fuglede, BentProfessor emeritus GAMP +45 353-20777E-mail
Fulling, MetteAdministrative officer Guests, hotels, conferences and reception +45 353-30490E-mail
Furrer, ChristianIndustrial PhD IE +45 30 24 18 15E-mail
Galatius, SørenProfessor TOP, SYM +45 353-30581E-mail
Gesmundo, FulvioPostdoc QMATH +45 353-31178E-mail
Graversen, ThereseAssistant professor SPT +45 353-36270E-mail
Gritschacher, Simon PhilippPostdoc ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-24890E-mail
Grodal, JesperDirector of centre, professor TOP, ALG, SYM +45 353-20686E-mail
Grubb, GerdEmeritus GAMP, NCG +45 353-20743E-mail
Grønbæk, NielsProfessor NCG +45 353-20688E-mail
Gulddal, Natasha Roschier RørdamProject finance administrator Research funding +45 353-20221E-mail
Gunton, Cody LPostdoc ALG, SYM +45 353-26081E-mail
Hablicsek, MartonPostdoc ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-32703E-mail
Halle, Lars HalvardAssociate professor ALG  E-mail
Hansen, ErnstHead of studies SPT +45 353-20773E-mail
Hansen, FrankProfessor emeritus. GAMP +45 353-32206E-mail
Hansen, Lone HolmAcademic Officer  +45 353-32075E-mail
Hansen, Mads ChristianPostdoc SPT, MBIO +45 353-34969E-mail
Hansen, Niels RichardHead of section, professor SPT +45 353-20783E-mail
Hausmann, MarkusPostdoc TOP, SYM +45 353-33682E-mail
Henningsen, Inge BiehlEmeritus SPT  E-mail
Hesselholt, LarsProfessor ALG, TOP, NBP +45 51 31 99 71E-mail
Hoekzema, Renée SusannePostdoc ALG, SYM +45 353-31670E-mail
Holm, Henrik GranauAssociate professor ALG +45 51 32 00 18E-mail
Houghton-Larsen, Nicholas GauguinPhD student QMATH +45 353-31683E-mail
Hunt, JoshPhD student  +45 353-37904E-mail
Høyer, JimAcademic administrative officer Communication +45 353-30491E-mail
Ilg, LykkeClerical officer  +45 353-20467E-mail
Iwasa, RyomeiPostdoc ALG, TOP,SYM +45 353-33952E-mail
Jacobsen, MartinProfessor emeritus SPT +45 353-20776E-mail
Jakobsen, Hans PlesnerAssociate professor GAMP, NCG +45 353-20689E-mail
Jakobsen, Martin EmilPhD student SYM, TOP  E-mail
Jansen, Mikala ØrsnesPhD student TOP, ALG, SYM +45 353-37310E-mail
Jensen, Chr UlrikEmeritus ALG +45 353-20751E-mail
Johansen, KatjaStudent assistant  +45 23 62 38 06E-mail
Johnson, Peter JamesPostdoc IE +45 353-32753E-mail
Jonsson, RobertPostdoc QMATH +45 353-34346E-mail
Jøndrup, SørenAssociate professor emeritus ALG, NCG +45 353-20730E-mail
Jørgensen, Ole Bibliotekar +45 353-20795E-mail
Kiming, IanProfessor ALG +45 353-20758E-mail
Kjeldsen, Tinne HoffDeputy head of department, professor GAMP +45 353-35161E-mail
Lahtinen, AnssiAssistant professor TOP, SYM  E-mail
Larsen, Mogens EsromEmeritus GAMP, IE  E-mail
Lauritzen, Steffen L.Professor SPT +45 353-37597E-mail
Laursen, Kjeld BaggerPart-time lecturer  +45 353-20777E-mail
Leip, MaltePhD student ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-24887E-mail
Li, KangPostdoc SPT  E-mail
Lollike, Alexander SevelPhD student IE +45 353-37531E-mail
Lubbe, FelixPostdoc   E-mail
Lützen, JesperProfessor GAMP +45 353-20741E-mail
Madsen, Ib Henning TOP, SYM +45 353-20682E-mail
Mancinska, LauraAssociate professor GAMP +45 353-24897E-mail
Markussen, BoAssociate professor SPT +45 353-20778E-mail
Martos Prieto, RubenPostdoc NCG, SYM +45 353-32284E-mail
Mikkelsen, Frederik VissingVisitor SPT +45 353-37899E-mail
Mikosch, Thomas ValentinProfessor IE +45 353-30414E-mail
Milhøj, Henning OlaiPhD fellow SYM, NCG  E-mail
Mogensen, Søren WengelPhD fellow SPT  E-mail
Mortensen, Astrid SteenAcademic Officer  +45 353-36430E-mail
Mukherjee, DevarshiPhD student SYM, NCG  E-mail
Musat, Magdalena ElenaAssociate professor NCG, SPT, SYM +45 353-20745E-mail
Møller, Jesper MichaelProfessor TOP, SYM +45 353-20691E-mail
Møller, Niels MartinAssistant professor, tenure track GAMP +45 353-33435E-mail
Møller, ThomasAffiliate Professor   E-mail
Müller-Hermes, Alexander Gerd CPostdoc GAMP, QMATH +45 353-32407E-mail
Nest, RyszardProfessor NCG, GAMP, SYM +45 23 26 96 07E-mail
Olsen, Niels Aske LundtorpPostdoc SPT  E-mail
Olsson, Jørn BørlingProfessor emeritus ALG  E-mail
Pantuso, GiovanniAssociate professor IE +45 353-35608E-mail
Paulsen, JosteinProfessor IE +45 353-32248E-mail
Pazuki, FabienAssociate professor ALG +45 353-30567E-mail
Pedersen, Erik KjærProfessor emeritus TOP, SYM +45 287-50727E-mail
Pedersen, Henrik LaurbergHead of section, professor GAMP +45 29 61 15 69E-mail
Pedersen, Jesper LundAssociate professor IE +45 353-20775E-mail
Pedersen, Thomas VilsAssociate professor GAMP +45 29 61 15 82E-mail
Pengo, RiccardoPhD student ALG, SYM +45 353-24827E-mail
Peters, Jonas MartinProfessor SPT  E-mail
Petersen, LassePhD student SPT +45 353-31627E-mail
Petersson, MortenAttendant  +45 353-30497E-mail
Poulsen, RolfProfessor IE +45 353-20685E-mail
Raad, Mads BondePhD student SPT +45 353-33832E-mail
Rasmusen, Julie ZangenbergStudent assistant  +45 353-36497E-mail
Risager, Morten S.PhD coordinator GAMP, ALG +45 353-20756E-mail
Rørdam, MikaelDeputy head of department, professor NCG, SYM +45 51 36 30 32E-mail
Savoy, Maxime GrégoirePhD student Q-MATH +45 353-26274E-mail
Schimmer, LukasPostdoc QMATH +45 353-24946E-mail
Schlichtkrull, HenrikProfessor GAMP +45 353-30405E-mail
Schmidt, Asmus LorenzenEmeritus ALG  E-mail
Schmitt, PhilippPhD student NCG, ALG, SYM +45 353-36858E-mail
Shokrieh, FarbodPostdoc ALG, SYM +45 353-34296E-mail
Skovmand, David GlavindAssociate professor IE +45 353-35510E-mail
Solovej, Jan PhilipProfessor GAMP, QMATH +45 353-30494E-mail
Steffensen, MogensHead of section, professor IE +45 353-20789E-mail
Stilck França, DanielPostdoc GAMP, QMATH +45 353-37404E-mail
Stuart, Robyn MargaretAssistant professor SPT +45 353-34274E-mail
Stuart, Robyn MargaretAssistant professor, tenure track   
Søberg, BjarneAttendant  +45 93 56 52 33E-mail
Søltoft-Jensen, AleksanderResearch assistant SPT  
Sørensen, HelleProfessor SPT +45 353-37805E-mail
Sørensen, MichaelHead of Department SPT, IE +45 353-30402E-mail
Tan, Kaif Muhammad BorhanPhD student ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-35455E-mail
Thorseth, KatjaHead of Administration Head of administration +45 353-20675E-mail
Thorup, AndersAssociate professor emeritus ALG +45 353-20751E-mail
Tokus, SabihaPhD student QMATH, GAMP  E-mail
Tolver, AndersAssociate professor SPT +45 353-32337E-mail
Topsøe, FlemmingEmeritus GAMP +45 35 02 07 33E-mail
Torres Bustos, Angelica MarcelaPhD student SPT, MBIO, ALG +45 353-37703E-mail
Törnquist, Asger DagAssociate professor NCG +45 353-20757E-mail
Varando, GherardoPostdoc SPT, CoCaLa  E-mail
Wahl, NathalieProfessor TOP, SYM +45 353-20683E-mail
Wasserman, Thomas AntonPostdoc TOP, SYM +45 353-37755E-mail
Weisse, NinaPhD secretary PhD secretary, ScanPas, Ad hoc booking +45 353-34791E-mail
Werner, Albert H.Assistant professor GAMP +45 353-32589E-mail
Werner, Albert H.Assistant professor GAMP +45 353-32589E-mail
Wiuf, CarstenProfessor SPT, MBIO +45 51 31 99 91E-mail
Xu, ChuangPostdoc MBIO, SPT +45 353-24297E-mail
Yslas Altamirano, JorgePhD student IE +45 353-33186E-mail