About the Department of Mathematical Sciences

Department of Mathematical Sciences conducts internationally competitive research and education of candidates in pure mathematics and applied mathematics and statistics.

The department has (Jan. 2022) employed 53 associate professors, assistant professors and professors; 32 postdocs, 47 PhD students and 17 in administration. In addition, seven affiliate professors and 22 emeriti are associated.

In Oct. 2021 we had 1,158 students studying at the department's four programs (470 Mathematics, 306 Mathematics-Economics, 296 Actuarial Mathematics and 86 Statistics).

Core Secretariate:

1st floor in building 4 (the E-building).
Opening hours Monday to Friday 08.30-12.00 a.m. and 13.00-15.00 p.m.
See employees in the administration.


Head of Department: 
Michael Sørensen, phone +45 35 33 04 02, E-mail: michael@math.ku.dk

Deputy Head of research: 
Mikael Rørdam, phone +45 51 36 30 32, E-mail: rordam@math.ku.dk

Deputy Head of teaching:
Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen, phone +45 35 33 51 61, E-mail: thk@math.ku.dk

Head of administration:
Gyrd Foss, phone +45 35 32 92 66, email: gyrd@math.ku.dk

Head of sections

Niels Richard Hansen: Statistics and Probability Theory
Jesper Grodal: Algebra & Geometry
Henrik Laurberg Pedersen: Analysis & Quantum
Mogens Steffensen: Insurance and Economics

Head of studies

Fabien Pazuki: undergraduate programmes in mathematics, insurance mathematics and mathematics-economics.
Magdalena Musat: master's programme in mathematics.
David Skovmand: master's programmes in insurance mathematics, mathematics-economics and statistics.

PhD coordinator

Morten S. Risager, phone (+45) 35 32 07 56, risager@math.ku.dk

Industrial collaboration coordinator

Mogens Steffensen, phone (+45) 35 32 07 89, mogens@math.ku.dk