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Forkortelser - Abbreviations
AG Section for Algebra & Geometry    GeoTop Centre for Geometry & Topology
QA Section for Analysis & Quantum   QMATH Centre for Quantum Mathematics
IE Section for Insurance and Economics MBIO Mathematical Biology Group
SPT Section for Statistics and Probability Theory   CoCaLa Copenhagen Causality Lab

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
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Adiprasito, Karim Alexander Professor AG, GeoTop +4535330527 E-mail
Boomsma, Trine Krogh Associate Professor IE +4535320733 E-mail
Christandl, Matthias Professor QA, QMATH +4535332298 E-mail
Clausen, Dustin Associate Professor AG, GeoTop +4535320742 E-mail
Collamore, Jeffrey F. Professor IE +4535320782 E-mail
Ditlevsen, Susanne Professor SPT +4535320785 E-mail
Durhuus, Bergfinnur Professor QA, QMATH +4535320735 E-mail
Eilers, Søren Professor QA, AG +4535320755 E-mail
Feliu, Elisenda Associate Professor SPT, AG +4535320794 E-mail
Galatius, Søren Professor AG, GeoTop +4535330581 E-mail
Grodal, Jesper Professor AG, GeoTop +4535320686 E-mail
Hansen, Ernst Associate Professor SPT, MBIO +4535320773 E-mail
Hansen, Niels Richard Head of Section SPT, CoCaLa +4535320783 E-mail
Hesselholt, Lars Professor AG, GeoTop +4551319971 E-mail
Holm, Henrik Granau Associate Professor AG +4551320018 E-mail
Kiming, Ian Professor AG +4535320758 E-mail
Kjeldsen, Tinne Hoff Professor, Deputy Head of Department QA +4535335161 E-mail
Krüger, Torben Heinrich Associate Professor QA, QMATH +4535331332 E-mail
Mancinska, Laura Associate Professor QA, QMATH +4535324897 E-mail
Markussen, Bo Associate Professor SPT +4535320778 E-mail
Matz, Jasmin Associate Professor AG, QA +4535330054 E-mail
Mikosch, Thomas Valentin Professor IE +4535330414 E-mail
Musat, Magdalena Elena Professor QA, SPT, QMATH +4535320745 E-mail
Møller, Jesper Michael Professor AG, GeoTop +4535320691 E-mail
Møller, Niels Martin Associate Professor AG, QA, GeoTop, QMATH +4535333435 E-mail
Pantuso, Giovanni Associate Professor IE +4535335608 E-mail
Paulsen, Jostein Professor IE +4535332248 E-mail
Pedersen, Henrik Laurberg Head of Section QA +4535330403 E-mail
Pedersen, Jesper Lund Associate Professor IE +4535320775 E-mail
Pedersen, Thomas Vils Associate Professor QA +4535334304 E-mail
Peters, Jonas Martin Professor SPT, CoCaLa   E-mail
Pfister, Niklas Andreas Assistant Professor - Tenure Track SPT   E-mail
Poulsen, Rolf Professor IE +4535320685 E-mail
Risager, Morten S. Professor AG, QA +4535320756 E-mail
Rørdam, Mikael Professor, Deputy Head of Department QA, QMATH +4551363032 E-mail
Schlichtkrull, Henrik Professor QA, AG +4535330405 E-mail
Skovmand, David Glavind Associate professor, Head of Studies IE +4535335510 E-mail
Solovej, Jan Philip Professor QA, QMATH +4535330494 E-mail
Steffensen, Mogens Head of Section IE +4535320789 E-mail
Sørensen, Helle Professor SPT +4535320788 E-mail
Sørensen, Michael Head of Department, Professor SPT, IE +4535330402 E-mail
Tolver, Anders Associate Professor SPT +4535332337 E-mail
Törnquist, Asger Dag Associate Professor QA +4535320757 E-mail
Wahl, Nathalie Head of Centre, Professor AG, GeoTop +4535321471 E-mail
Wiuf, Carsten Professor SPT, MBIO +4551319991 E-mail