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Analysis & Quantum

The section's research covers a wide range of fields related to analysis and quantum information theory, as well as history of modern mathematics.

Visit the QMATH Center website for more information on mathematical physical and quantum information theory and the Quantum for Life center for information on combining research in quantum physics, mathematics, chemistry and data science.

Our group carries out research in functional analysis, operator algebras, C*-algebras, von Neumann algebras, Banach algebras, symbolic dynamical systems and in descriptive set theory.


Topics include representation theory of Lie groups, symmetric spaces, and complex analytic methods in the theory of orthogonal polynomials and special functions.



The research in the history of mathematics has emphasis on the history of mathematical programming, convexity theory, impossibility results, analysis, geometry, and the interplay with didactics.



In mathematical physics the research focuses on rigorous analysis of the structure of matter and quantum gravity, and
statistical mechanics.

See Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH).



Spectral theory of partial differential equations.


The research has particular focus is on algorithmic and cryptographic aspects and quantum entanglement, and in general understanding the notion of information on the quantum level.

See Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH) and
Quantum for Life - Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Center












The members of the section teach a wide range of courses. For more details, see our study programmes.






Our regular Analysis Seminar is organized by Henrik Schlichtkrull.


















Quantum Hub 

UCPH Quantum Hub is an initiative with participation of scientist from Niels Bohr Institute, Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematichal Sciences, Department of Chemistry and Department of Biology.

Members from the section are associate partners in The DFG transregional Collaborative Research Center, Mathematics of Many-Body Quantum Systems and Their Collective Phenomena  (TRR352) 2023-2026

The section has close connections to the



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