10 June 2024

David Jekel, postdoc

Newly employed

David Jekel started as a postdoc in Copenhagen on 1 June 2024, joining the operator algebras group in the Analysis and Quantum section and plans to work closely with Mikael Rørdam and Magdalena Musat.

David Jekel

David is working on non-commutative probability theory and its connections to von Neumann algebras, random matrices, quantum information, and continuous model theory. 

He obtained his PhD in 2020 from University of California, Los Angeles, with Dimitri Shlyakhtenko. Then he had an NSF postdoc position at University of California, San Diego, with Todd Kemp for three years. He finally spent one year as a postdoc at the Fields Institute and York University (both Toronto, Canada) working with Ilijas Farah. 

In Copenhagen he plans to work on the development of information geometry and optimal transport theory in the non-commutative setting, and in particular to study the relationship between quantum channels, optimal transport, and the large-$N$ behaviour of matrices.

You can find David in office 04.2.09.