6 June 2024

Thomas Theurer, postdoc

Newly employed

Thomas Theurer was employed as a postdoc on 1 June 2024, working in the Section for Analysis & Quantum and the Villum Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory.

Thomas Theurer

Thomas’ research interest lies in quantum information theory. He received a master’s and a PhD from Ulm University, Germany, supervised by Martin B. Plenio. His thesis was named “Resource theories of states and operations”.

Thomas then spent three years at the University of Calgary, Canada, working with Gilad Gour and Carlo Maria Scandolo at the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology. His work was focused on quantum resources such as entanglement, coherence, and athermality, and their relevance to quantum technology.

In Copenhagen, he will work with Matthias Christandl at the QMATH Centre.

You can meet Thomas in Vibenshuset, Lyngbyvej 2.