Mathematics of reaction networks (MBIO)

Our group focuses on the development of mathematical theory to analyse mathematical models that arise from studying systems of (bio)chemical reactions.

It is widespread in biology to model the time evolution of species concentrations in reaction networks with either systems of ordinary differential equations or systems of stochastic equations. When analyzed appropriately, these models can be used to understand and predict the behaviour of biological systems. Current models in systems and synthetic biology are complex and contain a large number of variables and unknown parameters, which limits the use of available mathematical methods for their analysis.




























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Sadeghi Manesh, AmirhosseinPostdoc  
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Past members

  • Daniele Cappelletti
  • Michael Marcondes de Freitas
  • Mads Christian Hansen
  • Martin Helmer
  • Janne Kool
  • Abhishek Pal Majumder
  • Meritxell Sáez


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