Mathematics of reaction networks (MBIO)

Our group focuses on the development of mathematical theory to analyse mathematical models that arise from studying systems of (bio)chemical reactions.






























Feliu, ElisendaAssociate professor +45 353-20794E-mail
Hoessly, Linard DavidPostdoc +45 353-35825E-mail
Kaihnsa, NidhiPostdoc  E-mail
Pascual Escudero, BeatrizPostdoc  E-mail
Sadeghi Manesh, AmirhosseinPostdoc  
Torres Bustos, Angelica MarcelaPhD student +45 353-37703E-mail
Wiuf, CarstenProfessor +45 51 31 99 91E-mail
Xu, ChuangPostdoc +45 353-24297E-mail

Past members

  • Daniele Cappelletti
  • Michael Marcondes de Freitas
  • Mads Christian Hansen
  • Martin Helmer
  • Janne Kool
  • Abhishek Pal Majumder
  • Meritxell Sáez


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