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Mathematics of reaction networks (MBIO)


Our group focuses on the development of mathematical theory to analyse mathematical models that arise from studying systems of (bio)chemical reactions.

It is widespread in biology to model the time evolution of species concentrations in reaction networks with either systems of ordinary differential equations or systems of stochastic equations. When analyzed appropriately, these models can be used to understand and predict the behavior of biological systems. Current models in systems and synthetic biology are complex and contain a large number of variables and unknown parameters, which limits the use of available mathematical methods for their analysis.

The spring-summer tour of MBIO

These coming months the members of the group are participating in conferences around the world. Confirmed so far:

Past events

The research group organised a workshop on current and new trends in mathematical reaction network theory, considered broadly to be the theory describing the behaviour of systems of (bio)chemical reactions (July 1-3, 2015, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen). The workshop webpage can be found here.


See our publications related to reaction networks here: publication list.

Group members

We are currently two group leaders, three postdocs and two PhD students.

The group, January 2016

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Open positions

There are currently no open positions. 

For possible applications for external funding, such as Marie Curie postdoc grants, contact us (  


We are currently funded by the following research projects:

  • Lundbeck Fonden research grant with title Mathematical Theory for Biological Interaction Networks and Applications, 2014-2016. PI: Carsten Wiuf. Co-applicant: Elisenda Feliu.
  • Research grant from the Danish Research Council, with title Model reduction for systems of interacting species, 2014-2016. PI: Carsten Wiuf
  • Sapere Aude Starting Grant from the Danish Research Council, with title Algebraic methods for qualitative profiling of reaction networks, 2015-2018. PI: Elisenda Feliu

Past funding

  • Lundbeck Fonden research grant with title Modelling of signalling cascades using algebraic theory, 2011-2013. PI: Carsten Wiuf
  • Carslberg Fonden networking grant, 2013-2014. PI: Carsten Wiuf

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