Copenhagen Causality Lab (CoCaLa)

Causality is a fundamental concept in science, and our research is centred around this concept and how it relates to statistical modeling and data analysis. Some main aspects of our research are outlined below.





















Staff at CoCaLa

Christiansen, RunePhD student +45 353-33240E-mail
Drton, MathiasProfessor +45 353-31650E-mail
Hansen, Niels RichardHead of section, professor +45 353-20783E-mail
Jakobsen, Martin EmilPhD student  E-mail
Lauritzen, Steffen L.Professor +45 353-37597E-mail
Mogensen, Søren WengelPhD student  E-mail
Peters, Jonas MartinProfessor  E-mail
Petersen, LassePhD student +45 353-31627E-mail
Varando, GherardoPostdoc  E-mail
Weichwald, SebastianPostdoc +45 353-34325E-mail

Former staff

Frederik Riis Mikkelsen
Adam Lund


Niels Richard Hansen
Office 04.3.18

Phone: +45 35 32 07 83
Mobile: +45 28 59 07 65

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