News from CoCaLa

  • Niklas Pfister, assistant professor


    Niklas has been employed as a tenure track assistant professor at the section for Statistics and Probability Theory in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. »

  • MATH team clear winner of international data-climate competition


    Team CoCaLa, four PhD students and two postdocs from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, won the international competition "Causality 4 Climate" by proposing models and solutions in 34 »

  • Rune Christiansen wins award for the best student talk


    At the conference of the International Biometric Society in Adelaide, Australia, Rune received the award of the best student talk for his presentation about causal inference on spatio-temporal data. »

  • Snorre Jallbjørn, industrial PhD student


    Snorre Jallbjørn enrolled as an industrial PhD student at the department in cooperation with ATP on 1 October 2019. Snorre is part of the Section for Statistics and Probability Theory, and his main supervisor is »

  • Sebastian Weichwald, postdoc


    Since 1 September 2019, Sebastian Weichwald is a postdoctoral researcher with the Copenhagen Causality Lab at the Statistics and Probability Theory Section within the Department of Mathematical Sciences. »

  • Gherardo Varando, postdoc at CoCaLa


    Gherardo Varando started on August 1st, 2018, as a postdoc at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, working with the Copenhagen Causality Lab. »

  • PGM 2018


    The paper Sparse Learning in Gaussian Chain Graphs for State Space Models by L. Petersen has been accepted for poster presentation at PGM 2018. »

  • Lasse Petersen, PhD student at CoCaLa


    Lasse Petersen is employed as a PhD student from 1 May 2018 and is associated with the Section for Statistics and Probability Theory and the Copenhagen Causality Lab. »

  • ACIC 2018


    Søren Wengel Mogensen will participate in the ACIC 2018 meeting in Pittsburgh, May 22-23, where he will give an oral presentation in the session Causal inference and learning from stochastic processes using graphical »

  • UAI 2018


    The paper Causal Learning for Partially Observed Stochastic Dynamical Systems by S.W. Mogensen, D. Malinsky and N.R. Hansen has been accepted for oral presentation at UAI 2018. »

  • Statistics in Complex Systems


    CoCaLa is co-organizing the workshop Statistics in Complex Systems, which takes place April 11-13, 2018. »

  • glamlasso paper published


    The paper Penalized estimation in large-scale generalized linear array models is published. It presents the theory behind the glamlasso R package for penalized estimation in generalized linear array models. »

  • Rune Christiansen, PhD student at SPT


    Rune Christiansen started 1 July 2017 as a PhD under the supervision of Jonas Peters in the research group “Causal Inference with Incomplete Data” – under the section of statistics and probability theory (SPT). »

  • Adam Lund, postdoc at SPT


    Adam Lund was employed at the department 1 June 2017. As a researcher in statistics Adam is part of the Section for Statistics and Probability Theory (SPT). »

  • Søren Wengel Mogensen, PhD student at SPT


    Søren Wengel Mogensen is employed as a PhD student in the section for Statistics and Probability Theory as of December 1, 2016. He is a part of the research project “Causal inference with incomplete data” headed by Niels »