24 March 2023

Sebastian Weichwald appointed co-lead at AI centre


Assistant Professor Sebastian Weichwald from the Department of Mathematical Sciences has been appointed co-lead in the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence. As co-lead, he will help set the tone for the next ground-breaking research to be conducted within the centre.

Sebastian Weichwald

Sebastian Weichwald is known for his research on pragmatic causal modelling and for developing and improving statistical and machine learning methods for analysing complex data and addressing practical issues in fields such as neuroimaging, medicine and environmental science. With his appointment as co-lead, he will take over from Professor Jonas Peters. 

According to a press release from the Centre, Sebastian Weichwald is thrilled to be co-lead in the Causality and Explainability (CX) collaboratory.

– I am thrilled to join two experts in the field, Ira Assent and Aasa Feragen, to drive activities in the CX collaboratory and to further explore how causal modelling and abstraction can help us explain complex machine learning models and predict the effects of interventions.

- New powerful machine learning solutions are being developed and deployed day by day. Where models are used at scale or for critical decisions, we need not only accurate predictions but also explanations of these model predictions and guarantees on model behaviour in new environments or under (perhaps even malicious) user interventions, Sebastian Weichwald says.

Read more at the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence’s website.