25 June 2020

Rune Christiansen, postdoc

Newly employed

On July 1st 2020, Rune starts a position as postdoc in the section for Statistics and Probability Theory, associated with the research group Copenhagen Causality Lab.

Rune ChristiansenRune Christiansen holds a masters degree in statistics and finished his PhD studies at the University of Copenhagen in June 2020 under the supervision of Jonas Peters.

During his PhD studies, Rune has been part of the research group Copenhagen Causality Lab. His project was concerned with development of statistical methods for causal inference in the presence of latent confounders. He has a special interest in exploring the intersection between causality and other fields of research, such as spatio-temporal statistics and distributional robustness.

As a postdoc in the CoCaLa group, he will continue to work on questions related to causal inference, and explore further projects with his collaborators in Earth system science. In particular, he will investigate the extension of recent methodological advancements for spatio-temporal data to more general data structures.