27 August 2020

Sorawit Saengkyongam, PhD student

Newly employed

Sorawit is employed as a research assistant until he can start as a PhD student in Copenhagen Causality Lab at the section for Statistics and Probability Theory. His PhD will be co-supervised by Jonas Peters and Niklas Pfister.

Sorawit SaengkyongamSorawit holds a master's degree in Machine Learning from the University College London. He completed his master's in 2019 with the thesis "Learning Joint Nonlinear Effects from Single-variable Interventions in the Presence of Hidden Confounders", supervised by Prof. Ricardo Silva.

Prior to the master's study, he spent several years working as a Data Scientist at Agoda (a Booking Holdings' company) in Bangkok, during which he mainly focused on research and development of personalization algorithms and recommendation systems. He received a bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, in 2014.

Sorawit’s research interest lies in the intersection between Causality, Machine Learning and Sequential Decision-Making.

He will be working from office 04.3.28