6 September 2022

Frederik Hytting Jørgensen, research assistant

Newly employed

Frederik Hytting Jørgensen was employed at the department on 1 September 2022; the first two months as a research assistant, from November 2022 as a PhD student.

Frederik Hytting Jørgensen

Frederik will be associated with the section for Statistics and Probability Theory and the research group Copenhagen Causality Lab. His supervisors will be Sebastian Weichwald (primary) and Jonas Peters.

Frederik has a Bachelor in Actuarial Mathematics and a Master in Statistics, both from this department. During his studies, Frederik was working on a project on the heritability of diseases at Statistics Denmark together with researchers from the Center for Protein Research. 

Jonas Peters supervised his master’s thesis on algorithmic fairness. Frederik graduated in June 2022.

As a research assistant, Frederik will write an article based on his master's thesis. The main topic of his PhD will be causal abstraction with applications to algorithmic fairness and AI alignment.

You can have a talk with Frederik in office 04.0.13