7 August 2023

Niklas Andreas Pfister, Associate Professor


The Dean has 1 August 2023 promoted Niklas Pfister to Associate Professor of Mathematics. He will remain affiliated with the section Statistics and Probability Theory.

Niklas Pfister

Niklas is part of the Copenhagen Causality Lab (CoCaLab) and works on causal inference and investigates how causality can be combined with modern machine learning methods.

His research is often motivated by problems in the applied sciences, with a particular focus on biological applications. His previous research includes methods for mutual independence testing, distribution generalization using the principle of invariance, policy learning from offline data, treatment effect estimation and techniques for causal inference based on particular data structures.

In 2021, Niklas was awarded a Novo Nordisk Emerging Investigator grant that enabled him to build up his own research group at the department to develop a more targeted statistical methodology for analyzing microbiome data. As part of this research, he has focused on non-parametric theory for compositional data, invariance-based causal inference and exploiting time and other data structures.

Niklas received his PhD entitled “Intervention stability in statistics: Benefiting from causality” from ETH Zürich in Switzerland under the supervision of Peter Bühlmann and Jonas Peters. He joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the UCPH in January 2020 as a tenure-track assistant professor.

Niklas is a member of ELLIS, the Pioneer Center for AI and the Copenhagen Gut Microbiome Hub.

You can still meet Niklas in the office 04.3.18