2 September 2020

Rikke Søndergaard Nielsen, PhD student

Newly employed

Rikke is employed from 1 September 2020 as a PhD student at the section for Statistics and Probability, working with the Copenhagen Causality Lab with Jonas Martin Peters as supervisor.

Rikke Søndergaard NielsenRikke holds a bachelor degree in Physics, a bachelor degree in Mathematics, and a master degree in Mathematics - all attained at the University of Copenhagen.

During her master, she took some statistic courses and wrote her master’s thesis in theoretical statistics with Jonas Martin Peters as supervisor. She graduated July 2020 with the thesis "Instrumental Variables in Vector Autoregressive Models".

Rikke’s PhD project holds the title "Real world applications of dynamic causal models" and I will start by continuing the work from her master’s thesis on instrumental variables in vector autoregressive models.

You can find in office 04.3.28