3 October 2022

Margherita Lazzaretto, PhD student

Newly employed

Margherita Lazzaretto is employed as a PhD student from 1 October 2022 in the department’s section for Statistics and Probability Theory.

Margherita Lazzaretto

Margherita is from Italy and holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Engineering and a Master's degree in Automation Engineering, both from the University of Padova. Her Master's thesis focused on skeleton-based human action recognition using graph neural networks, with applications to human-robot collaboration scenarios.

Margherita’s research interests range from causality to safe machine learning. She will be working under the supervision of Niklas Pfister and Jonas Peters, within the Copenhagen Causality Lab.

Her PhD project will investigate how to account for distribution shifts in reinforcement learning through a causal perspective.

You can find Margherita in office 04.0.05