16 September 2021

Shimeng Huang, PhD student

Newly employed

Shimeng Huang was 1 September 2021 employed as a PhD student at the section for Statistics and Probability Theory, working with the research group Copenhagen Causality Lab.

Shimeng Huang

Shimeng obtained her Master's degree of Mathematics in Statistics from the University of Waterloo, Canada, at the end of 2018. Her Master's thesis was on empirical likelihood and quantile regression methods. She holds Bachelor's degrees in Mathematical Economics and Computational Mathematics joint Statistics from the University of Waterloo as well.

Before joining the department, she worked for the pharmaceutical company Roche as a data scientist and statistical programmer between Jan 2019 and June 2021.

Shimeng will be working with Niklas Pfister and Jonas Peters on causal inference for complex data structure where she will explore how particular structures can help infer causal relationships. She is interested in causal methodologies in biology and medical science.

Shimeng will work from office 04.3.21