4 October 2022

Nicola Gnecco, postdoc

Newly employed

Nicola Gnecco started on 1 October 2022 as a postdoc in the Statistics & Probability Theory Section and the Copenhagen Causality Lab.

Nicola Gnecco

Nicola is Italian and holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of Geneva and an MSc in Statistics from ETH Zurich. His PhD thesis, named "Causal Inference for Extremes", tries to build a bridge between causality and extreme value theory.

Nicola is interested in causal inference, distribution generalization and extreme value theory. During his postdoc, his aim is to develop predictive methods for climate science that generalize to unseen environments.

He will work with Jonas Peters and Niklas Pfister at the Copenhagen Causality Lab.

You can find Nicola in office 04.03.04.