2 September 2021

Alexander Mangulad Christgau, PhD student

Newly employed

Alexander is employed from 1 September 2021 as a PhD student at the section for Statistics and Probability, working with the Copenhagen Causality Lab with Niels Richard Hansen as supervisor.

Alexander Mangulad Christgau

Alexander holds a bachelor degree in mathematics and a master degree in statistics, both attained at the University of Copenhagen. He wrote his master's degree in "Stochastic Image Deformation" at the Department of Computer Science, supervised by Stefan Sommer.

His PhD project holds the title "Causal dynamics of life events" and will study how past life events affect future life trajectories of individuals. With a causal perspective, the project addresses the question: "How can life trajectories of individuals be causally attributed to their life event histories?"

Alexander is interested in stochastic processes, statistical modeling and machine learning, and he enjoys both the theoretical and applied sides of statistics.

Alexander works from office 04.3.21