Topological field theories and factorization homology

University of Copenhagen
23-27 August 2021

The masterclass will focus on the notion of a topological field theory. In the last few decades, topological field theory has highlighted exciting connections between low-dimensional topology, representation theory, and mathematical physics. Sophisticated tools from homotopy theory have in recent years gained importance in studying and constructing topological field theories. This is especially the case for so-called `fully extended' topological field theories that implement a higher degree of locality. These field theories are defined using higher symmetric monoidal categories and are characterized by the cobordism hypothesis, for which Jacob Lurie gave an elaborate sketch of proof in 2009. Tools naturally appearing in the study of extended topological field theories include the theory of higher dualizability and factorization homology.
The masterclass is aimed at advanced graduate students and postdocs interested in algebraic topology, representation theory and their interaction. We hope that it will take place in a hybrid format.

Early career participants can apply for financial support up to 2,500 DKK to partly cover accommodation and transportation costs to and from Copenhagen.