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David Benson: Module categories for finite group schemes and finite supergroup schemes

Abstract: I'm planning to talk about detection of projectivity and detection of cohomology modulo nilpotents, for finite group schemes and for (unipotent) finite supergroup schemes. This is joint work with Iyengar, Krause and Pevtsova, and will complement the lectures of Iyengar and Krause. I shall spend some time just introducing these objects, and then concentrate on the role of \pi-points.

Natàlia Castellana: TBA

John Greenlees: TBA

Beren Sanders: Quillen stratification for tensor triangulated categories with applications to the Steenrod algebra

Abstract: I will begin with some historical background on the spectrum of the cohomology ring and its significance in modular representation theory. I will then discuss Paul Balmer's approach to Quillen stratification, facilitated by his notion of the spectrum of a tensor triangulated category. I will then discuss a work-in-progress application of these methods to the problem of classifying the thick tensor-ideals of the stable category of the mod 2 Steenrod algebra.