Masterclass and workshop on

Homotopical approaches to group actions

Aug 15-19 and Aug 22-26, 2011.

Aim: The main focus of this workshop will be understanding homotopical approaches to the study of group actions. It is a continuation of the workshop "Homotopy theory and group actions" held at the University of Copenhagen in August 2007.

Venue and dates: Centre for Symmetry and Deformation, KU . The activity consists of a Masterclass/phd-course Aug 15-19, 2011 and a workshop Aug 22-26.

Masterclass/PhD-course (Aug 15-19):

3 2x45min lectures by Adem, Hambleton, and Grodal, supplemented by informal discussions and exercise sessions. ALL TALKS IN AUD 8. Discussions & exercise sessions in 04.4.01. Cake, coffee etc in 4th floor common room. Lunch in the biocenter (coupons provided). Please see our calendar for individual announcements of talks..

  Mon Aug 15 Tue
Wed  Thu Fri
 Adem I
 Grodal I
 Adem II
 Adem III
 Grodal III
 discussions discussions   discussions  discussions  discussions
12:00-13  Lunch  Lunch  SYM lecture  Lunch  Lunch
13:00-14  exercises  exercises  exercises  exercises  exercises
14:15-16  Hambleton I
 Hambleton II
 Grodal II
 Hambleton III
 Roundup Jam
16:00-16:30  cake+coffee  cake+coffee  cake+coffee  cake+coffee  cake+coffee



Workshop (Aug 22-26):

2 lectures per day by various speakers, supplemented by informal discussions. ALL TALKS IN AUD 8.  COFFEE ETC IN 4TH FLOOR COMMON ROOM. LUNCH AT BIOCENTER.

Please see our calendar for individual announcements of talks. 


Mon Aug 22 Tue
Wed  Thu Fri
10:00-11:00  coffee/fruit  coffee/fruit  coffee/fruit  coffee/fruit  coffee/fruit




E. Yalcin

Productive elements in group cohomology and the rank conjecture


O. Unlu

Constructing free group actions on products of spheres II


  A. Viruel 

Lifting group actions on graphs to actions in the homotopy category


I. Hambleton

  Finite group actions on spheres with rank 1 isotropy

J. Grodal

Finite group actions on sets, at a prime 

12:00-13:00  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
13:00-13:30  coffee/fruit  coffee/fruit  coffee/fruit  coffee/fruit  coffee/fruit




O. Unlu

Constructing free group actions on products of spheres I


N. Petrosyan

Cohomology of  crystallographic groups with cyclic holonomy of split type



Equivariant K-theory for actions with maximal rank isotropy 

A. Güçlükan 

Obstructions for constructing equivariant fibrations

+14:30-15:00  J. Smith:pro-homotopy theory, explained

P. Symonds

Applications of group actions to Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity    

15:00-15:30  cake  cake  cake  cake PROBLEM SESSION w/ cake etc.


Organizers: Jesper Grodal (Copenhagen), Alejandro Adem (UBC), Ian Hambleton (McMaster)

Participants: Participant list here. For exact length of stay of external participants, please consult the guests database.

Misc links and other documents:

  • Lecture notes on group cohomology by Adem
  • Link to 2007 workshop.
  • Notes from Adem's 2007 masterclass on group cohomology
  • Notes from problem session at 2005 NSF FRG meeting in Banff
  • Notes from 2007 problem session
  • Older list of problems (compile by Benson, around Seattle 96?) 
  • Seattle 96 problem session (compiled by Dave Benson)


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