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  • 2015.06.15

    Magnus Goffeng, guest postdoc

    Magnus Goffeng started at MATH/UCPH on June 1st, 2015, as a postdoc funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation for two years. The last four years Magnus has been a postdoc at the Institute for Analysis at the »

  • 2015.06.11

    Mathematician admitted to The Young Academy

    The Young Academy, created by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, has just admitted nine new members, all of which are excellent, young researchers within their field of study. One of these is Elisenda Feliu, assistant »

  • 2015.06.09

    Ryo Horiuchi, PhD student

    Ryo Horiuchi is employed as a PhD student at MATH from June 2015, funded by Lars Hesselholt's Niels Bohr Professorship.  »

  • 2015.06.09

    Dimitrios Askitis, PhD student

    Dimitrios Askitis was employed as a PhD student at the Department on 15th May 2015. He is a part of the section Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics, with Henrik Laurberg Pedersen as his PhD advisor.  »

  • 2015.05.11

    Asger Törnquist new Associate Professor

    The Dean has appointed Asger Törnquist as associate professor in descriptive set theory at the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  »

  • 2015.05.07

    Anton Samojlow, PhD student

    Anton Samojlow was employed as a PhD student at the Department 1 April 2015. He is a part of the section Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics, with Jan Philip Solovej as his PhD advisor.  »

  • 2015.05.04

    Janne Kool, postdoc

    Janne Kool arrived at Department of Mathematical Sciences 1 May 2015. She is a postdoc in the Statistics and Probability Theory Section, where she will be working with Carsten Wiuff and Elisenda Feliu in the research »

  • 2015.04.30

    Erik Christensen retires after 50 years with mathematics

    From 1 May 2015 Erik Christensen will be emeritus at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. It will be marked by a week-long conference, and by Eric's own retirement lecture on Thursday 7 May. »

  • 2015.04.08

    Harald Bohr Lecture by Efim Zelmanov

    The Department is proud to announce Professor Efim Zelmanov from UC San Diego as the next Harald Bohr Lecturer on Tuesday 14 April 2015. His lecture is titled ”Some open questions on asymptotics of groups and algebras”. »

  • 2015.03.20

    Professor Adeline Samson visits MATH

    The Velux Fonden Visiting Professor Programme has made it possible for the Department of Mathematical Sciences to invite Professor Adeline Samson to visit the department for a period of 6 month, from 15 April to 14 »

  • 2015.03.09

    Harald Bohr Lecture by Persi Diaconis

    The Department is proud to announce Professor Persi Diaconis as the next lecturer in the Harald Bohr lecture series on Tuesday 24 March 2015, with the lecture "Adding Numbers and Shuffling Cards". »

  • 2015.02.11

    Samuele Soraggi, PhD student

    Samuele Soraggi is hired as a PhD student from February 2015. He will be involved in the project "The Genomic History of Denmark", and here on MATH affiliated with the research group Statistics and Probability Theory. »

  • 2015.01.30

    Retirement reception for professor Ib Michael Skovgaard

    Ib Michael Skovgaard has decided to retire from his position as professor in statistics as of 30 November 2014.  The Department of Mathematical Sciences will host a reception for Ib Friday 20 February 2015. »

  • 2015.01.16

    Cello and chalk – Bach and Fermat

    The mathematician Matthias Kreck, professor at Bonn University in Germany, visited MATH 9 January 2015 to give his lecture/performance M3 - Music, Mathematics & Malerei. »

  • 2015.01.13

    Niels Benedikter, postdoc

    The Department of Mathematical Sciences has hired Niels Benedikter as a postdoc, associated with the research group Geometrical Analysis and Mathematical Physics. Niels studied Mathematics and Physics at the University »

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