12 August 2019

Better gender distribution in mathematics


The Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen has registered 9% more students than last year. UCPH has an average increase of 6.6%. The increase at SCIENCE is partly due to the two new undergraduate programs “Machine learning & computer science” and “Computer Science and Economy”.

Institut for Matematiske Fag

The three mathematical undergraduate programs have admitted roughly the same number of students this year; Actuarial Mathematics expands with 7 seats, Mathematics-Economics with 2, while Mathematics has enrolled 6 fewer students than last year.

The brand new Machine Learning and Computer Science education, where the departments of computer science and mathematics collaborate, has enrolled 63 students.

The minimum grade point average (GPA) for Actuarial Mathematics has once again risen slightly. From 11.3 last year to 11.5 this year. It is UCPH's second highest GPA and the fifth highest nationally. The GPA for Mathematics-Economics remains unchanged at 9.8. The study program Mathematics (which last year required 8.7) has enrolled everyone who meets UCPH's general requirements for an average of at least 6.

The gender distribution of all the mathematical study programs looks like this (compared to last year): 



Number of enrolled

Insurance Mathematics

24 (+1)

44 (+6)

68 (+7)


62 (+11)

87 (-17)

149 (-6)


19 (-10)

55 (+12)

74 (+2)

Machine Learning and Computer Science




Thus, the Mathematics study program can show a rarely seen gender balance, as fewer men have applied, while more women than ever have been enrolled.

We look forward to welcoming the new students.