29 April 2019

Four mathematical talents


The newspaper Berlingske has once again named Denmark's 100 most talented from all corners of Danish business. Over 400 talented and ambitious young people have been nominated by their boss or a colleague. Four of the year's talents are mathematicians from the University of Copenhagen.

Artikler fra Berlingske

There has been low unemployment among mathematical candidates for many years. They are sought after at the workplaces, where their competences in abstract thinking and problem-solving are welcomed. This is reflected in Berlingske's Talent 100, where there are four mathematicians on this year's list:

Kristian Buchardt, 33, head of Innovation & Models, PFA Pension. Kristian became a graduate in insurance mathematics in 2011 and a PhD in 2015 in collaboration with PFA (Business PhD). Two years later he was chief analyst and deputy director at PFA Pension, where he develops the models that form the basis for how PFA's money pool of approx. DKK 450 billion DKK is distributed and provided in the long term.

Amalie Høgenhaven, 31 years old. Amalie took a mathematical master’s degree in 2013 and a PhD in 2017 with a thesis on "real topological homology". That is pretty far from coding and making insurance solutions, but she nevertheless started the same year in Edlund, who designs insurance mathematical solutions for pension companies. Two years later she has become Senior Solution Architect in the same place.

Morten Tolver Kronborg, 33 years old. Morten became a graduate in insurance mathematics in 2010 and a PhD in 2014 in cooperation with ATP. Two years later he was Senior Portfolio Manager at ATP Pension & Investments and has developed a computer model that handles the complex strategic investment decisions.

Kirstine Sofie Keller, 32 years old. Kirstine took a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics (with geophysics and computer science courses) in 2009. She then took a master's degree in Geology/Earth Science at Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck and a master's degree in eScience from the University of Copenhagen, 2012. She has been a developer in Codan Forsikring and Telmore and is currently a project manager at Netcompany A/S, responsible for managing the tax administration into the digital future.

The talents on Berlingske's list must be a maximum of 35 years. The criteria for the selection are the talent's professional prerequisites and results. Emphasis is placed on recommendations from the nearest manager or a former manager and they are selected on the basis of CVs, where concrete results and professional and educational competencies are explained.

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