19 August 2019

Statistics - the scalpel of science

MATH in the media

Lone Frank's science magazine on Radio24syv, "24 Questions for the Professor", has been visited by Susanne Ditlevsen, professor of statistics from the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Susanne DitlevsenWhat exactly does a statistician do? She uses her methods to expose and cut out all kinds of research data so that they can be made into information. This is how statistician Susanne Ditlevsen explained her work when answering Lone Frank's questions.

Advanced statistics are used to gain a better understanding of the life of nerve cells, of memory and of narwhals - to name a few of the topics discussed in the broadcast.

Susanne Ditlevsen talked about why we need statistical education to understand everyday life. So we can be critical of claims of cause and effect. And she talked about the development of statistics throughout history, from Gauss' normal distribution to the fight against scurvy.

Scientists should not only share their knowledge with other researchers, but they must also share their raw data and programs, said Susanne Ditlevsen.