Diversitet på MATH


The Department of Mathematical Sciences wishes to provide an inclusive environment for our staff and students, where diversity is seen as a value in itself. To this end, the Diversity Committee at MATH was established in 2018 with the aim of detecting and discussing possible conscious or unconscious biases towards underrepresented groups, organizing events to celebrate and raise awareness about diversity, and in general to reflect upon diversity, inclusion and equity in the department's activities.

Diversity and inclusion are complex topics, and good discussions require proper data, an interest in understanding the problems to their core, and efforts towards finding the right language in a rapidly changing world. On this page you can find currently available data for our department and study programs and an overview of the activities organized to raise awareness regarding diversity and equity.  

Read about "Living Labs", a national project aiming to strengthen diversity in research environments.

See photos from the event Celebrating Diversity, Sept. 2022.

See photos from the conference Celebrating Women in Mathematical Sciences, May 2024.

You are welcome to contact any member of the Diversity Committee if you have ideas for new events, suggestions, etc.




The Diversity Committee was established in 2018. It serves as an advisory body to leadership in questions surrounding diversity, inclusion and equity with a focus on cultural, structural and procedural aspects of the department’s activities. The committee also organizes events to celebrate and raise awareness about diversity.

Currently, the committee is comprised of:

  • Suzanne Andersen
  • Søren Eilers
  • Elisenda Feliu (chair)
  • Munir Hiabu
  • Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen
  • Laura Mancinska
  • Cecilie Olesen Recke
  • Mogens Steffensen
  • Helle Sørensen
  • Michael Sørensen
  • Nathalie Wahl
  • Sebastian Weichwald

Former members:

  • Christian Furrer
  • Trine Krogh Boomsma
  • Jonas Peters






Statistical data about our studies can be found at

As per 1st October 2022, the percentage of women accepted and starting in one of our three bachelor programs (matematik, mat-øko, forsikringmatematik) is 27%. In the four master programs (mathematics, mathematics-economics, actuarial mathematics, statistics), the percentage is 37%.

As per 1st October 2022, the population of students registered in one of the 7 education programs counts with 34% of women.

As per May 2023, the percentage of female employees among professors, associate professors and tenure-track assistant professors, is around 20%.