Celebrating diversity at MATH

World mathematics

Fotos from the event

The Diversity Committee of MATH invites all employees and students to an event to celebrate and raise awareness of the cultural diversity present in our department and studies.

The event will consist of 5-min presentations by employees and students, sharing some (maybe fun) aspects related to mathematics in their country, followed by food brought by the participants as well as drinks and snacks supplied by the department.

Possible modes of participation: you can give a presentation, bring some food, or simply come to listen and eat!

- Short presentations: The content is flexible and up to you, but ideally it should include: a number, a person's name, a curiosity, and a cultural shock/surprise in Denmark. We hope many countries will be represented, also Denmark!

Some inspiration: you can talk about a famous mathematician in your country, areas of research that are strong, how math is done, how it is to be a mathematician or a math student (is it popular?), some mathematical story from your country, job perspectives, interesting data/statistics, what is strange/special about math in Denmark compared to your previous experiences...

- Food: We would also like to use this opportunity to taste delicious food from different countries. Everyone is welcome to bring their favorite dish! (Also Danish!). Food should be accompanied with a small note indicating what your food contains (is it vegan, vegetarian, lactose/milk free, gluten free, nuts free...?), as well as its name and origin.

Everyone is welcome. 

The organising committee (Dagur, Elisenda, Imma, Nathalie and Nena)