Celebrating Women in Mathematical Sciences

Every year on May 12, mathematicians across the world celebrate the International Women in Math Day. To mark this date and showcase the excellent work done in all areas of theoretical and applied mathematics, Department of Mathematical Sciences at KU and DTU Compute will hold an international conference celebrating women in mathematical sciences from May 16 to May 17, 2024 in Copenhagen. 
The conference is open to all staff and students across Denmark and neighbouring Universities and we encourage everyone to participate.  There will be four plenary talks in pure mathematics, statistics, and actuarial science, and a series of shorter contributed talks. We will also organize networking activities as well as a panel discussion on life in academia. 

Plenary speakers

Linda Sandris Larsen, Copenhagen Business School

Sandra Pott, Lund University

Birgit Richter, Universität Hamburg

Anne Marie Svane, Aalborg Universitet



Titles and abstracts of the talks can be found here.

Thursday, May 16 (All talks will take place in Aud 3, HCØ)

12:30-14:15   Opening Remarks, sandwiches, and networking event; (Place: south end of vandrehallen HCØ)
14:15-14:40   Azélie Picot, Becoming a female mathematician in France during  the 20th century 
14:40-15:30   Sandra Pott, Sparse operators and the Bergman projection: from dyadic harmonic analysis to complex analysis. 
15:30-15:55   Karina Behera, On the Bures metric and quantum metric
15:55-16:20   Coffee Break
16:20-17:10   Birgit Richter, Gluing algebras to points
17:10-17:35   Lisbeth Fajstrup, Directed spaces - obstructions, collapsing, distance.
17:35-18:00   Corina Ciobotaru, Limits of subgroups inside SL_n over local fields
18:00-            Panel, dinner and Social Event (Place: Math department lounge on the 4. Floor)

Friday, May 17 (All talks will take place in Aud 5, HCØ)

8:40-9:30       Linda Sandris Larsen, A walk down memory lane: Math, life-cycle models, and household finance
9:30-9:55       Elisabeth Sommer James, A non-negative matrix factorisation method and its applications in identifying mutational signatures
9:55-10:20     Coffee Break
10:20-11:10   Anne Marie Svane, Topological data analysis for random point patterns
11:10-11:35   Laura Mančinska, Understanding quantum entanglement through nonlocal games
11:35-12:00   Shan Shan, Using Gaussian Boson Samplers to Approximate Gaussian Expectation Problem
12:00-13:00   Closing remarks and Sandwiches

Additional events:
15:00-17:00  EMS Women in Mathematics Day 2024. Online:
You can use Auditorium 10 HCØ to watch the talks! 


This event is possible thanks to the generous funding of the Carlsberg Foundation, Danish Mathematical SocietyDTU Compute, Department of Mathematical Sciences, and the research center QMATH.

Some funding is available to cover travel and accommodation costs for participants. We will prioritize participants with no other means of funding, and in particular junior participants.



Registration has closed.

Organizing commitee

Lara Baalbaki (DTU), Nena Batenburg (KU), Yiqiu Dong (DTU), Elisenda Feliu (KU), Marzieh Hasannasabjaldehbakhani (DTU), Nidhi Kaihnsa (KU), Myrto Limnios (KU), Maria Montanucci (DTU), Cecilie Olesen Recke (KU), Nathalie Wahl (KU), Adela Zhang (KU)


If you have any questions, please email Cecilie Olesen Recke (cor@math.ku.dk) and Adela Zhang (yz@math.ku.dk)