Workshop on String Topology and Related Topics

The workshop will take place at University of Copenhagen April 15-19.


We will focus on the following papers and topics, each of which will be discussed in two two-hour lectures. In addition to the lectures, the program will include some individual research talks.

  • Goresky and Hingston, Loop products and closed geodesics, Duke Math. J. 150 (2009), no. 1, 117–209. MR2560110. arXiv:0707.3486.
    Lecturers: David Chataur and Nancy Hingston. Notes a for the lectures.
  • Alexander Kupers' construction of higher string topology operations using a variant of Bödigheimer’s model for moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces ("Constructing higher string operations using radial slit configurations")
    Lecturers: Daniela Egas and Alexander Kupers. Tentative outline a for the lectures.
  • Behrend, Ginot, Noohi, and Xu, String topology for stacks, Astérisque 343, 2012. arXiv:0712.3857.
    Lecturers: Richard Hepworth and Gregory Ginot. Tentative outline b for the lectures.
  • Wahl and Westerland's work on the Hochschild homology of algebras over PROPs with A_\infty multiplication (Wahl and Westerland, "Hochschild homology of structured algebras", arXiv:1110.0651 and Wahl, "Universal operations in Hochschild homology", arXiv:1212.6498)
    Lecturers: Dmitri Pavlov and Nathalie Wahl. Tentative outline c for the lectures.

Here are the workshop schedule and abstracts for the individual talks. Notes b from the talks by Richard Hepworth.


The talks will be in various auditoriums at the H.C. Ørsted Institute, a building complex which houses the University of Copenhagen Department of Mathematical Sciences. See this map. For planning trips on public transportation, we recommend Rejseplanen.

Confirmed external participants

  • Andres Angel
  • Somnath Basu
  • Dan Berwick-Evans
  • David Chataur
  • Aron Fischer
  • Gregory Ginot
  • Nancy Hingston
  • Alexander Kupers
  • Luc Menichi
  • Jeremy Miller
  • Dmitri Pavlov
  • Kate Poirier
  • Nora Seeliger

Local participants

  • Rasmus Bentmann
  • Emanuele Dotto
  • Daniela Egas
  • Giovanni Gandini
  • Mauricio Gomez Lopez
  • Matthias Grey
  • Jesper Grodal
  • Casper Guldberg
  • Angela Klamt
  • Ib Madsen
  • Kristian Moi
  • Sune Precht Reeh
  • Markus Szymik
  • Stefan Wagner
  • Nathalie Wahl


Richard Hepworth and Anssi Lahtinen