Workshop on String Topology and Related Topics

The workshop will take place at University of Copenhagen April 15-19.


We will focus on the following papers and topics, each of which will be discussed in two two-hour lectures. In addition to the lectures, the program will include some individual research talks.

  • Goresky and Hingston, Loop products and closed geodesics, Duke Math. J. 150 (2009), no. 1, 117–209. MR2560110. arXiv:0707.3486.
    Lecturers: David Chataur and Nancy Hingston. Notes for the lectures.
  • Alexander Kupers' construction of higher string topology operations using a variant of Bödigheimer’s model for moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces ("Constructing higher string operations using radial slit configurations",
    Lecturers: Daniela Egas and Alexander Kupers. Tentative outline for the lectures.
  • Behrend, Ginot, Noohi, and Xu, String topology for stacks, Astérisque 343, 2012. arXiv:0712.3857.
    Lecturers: Richard Hepworth and Gregory Ginot. Tentative outline for the lectures.
  • Wahl and Westerland's work on the Hochschild homology of algebras over PROPs with A_\infty multiplication (Wahl and Westerland, "Hochschild homology of structured algebras", arXiv:1110.0651 and Wahl, "Universal operations in Hochschild homology", arXiv:1212.6498)
    Lecturers: Dmitri Pavlov and Nathalie Wahl. Tentative outline for the lectures.

Here are the workshop schedule and abstracts for the individual talks. Notes from the talks by Richard Hepworth.


The talks will be in various auditoriums at the H.C. Ørsted Institute, a building complex which houses the University of Copenhagen Department of Mathematical Sciences. See this map. For planning trips on public transportation, we recommend Rejseplanen.

Confirmed external participants

  • Andres Angel
  • Somnath Basu
  • Dan Berwick-Evans
  • David Chataur
  • Aron Fischer
  • Gregory Ginot
  • Nancy Hingston
  • Alexander Kupers
  • Luc Menichi
  • Jeremy Miller
  • Dmitri Pavlov
  • Kate Poirier
  • Nora Seeliger

Local participants

  • Rasmus Bentmann
  • Emanuele Dotto
  • Daniela Egas
  • Giovanni Gandini
  • Mauricio Gomez Lopez
  • Matthias Grey
  • Jesper Grodal
  • Casper Guldberg
  • Angela Klamt
  • Ib Madsen
  • Kristian Moi
  • Sune Precht Reeh
  • Markus Szymik
  • Stefan Wagner
  • Nathalie Wahl


Richard Hepworth and Anssi Lahtinen