The PhD program

The PhD program at the Department of Mathematical Sciences usually lasts 3 years. The typical entry level is a Master's Degree. The program consists first of all of an independent research project resulting in the end in a PhD thesis with publishable results.

It is also a part of the PhD program to follow a number of PhD courses totalling 30 ECTS, and our PhD students are expected to spend 3-6 months at a foreign research institution during the PhD program.

PhD students (except industrial PhD's) are required to teach, typically as teaching assistants. Our (advanced) courses are taught in English. Our PhD students must be able to teach in English and to follow courses taught in English.

A PhD degree in mathematics will make you qualified for a wide range of career possibilities including continuing an academic career or going into the private or the public sector. 

PhD students who hold a stipend from the University of Copenhagen will receive a
salary of about 3,300 EUR/month before taxes and 2,200 EUR/month after taxes. This stipend also includes a travel allowance for participation in conferences and for research visit(s) to foreign research institutions.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers PhD degrees in pure and applied mathematics, statistics, insurance and financial mathematics within four research sections and two centres:

The department currently has about 45 tenured faculty, 25 postdocs, and more than 40 PhD students.