Instructions – how to apply for a PhD stipend 

Fill in the online application form and upload required documents.

Here is a mini-guide on how to fill the online application form:

  • Previously initiated PhD study: If you have started a PhD program elsewhere you should inform us about it here. 

  • Bachelor degree name: Usually you would just write "Bachelor of Science". If your Bachelor degree is called something else , then put the name of the degree here. 

  • Grade point average (Master degree & bachelor degree): It is important for us to have an idea of your grades. Fill in this field to the best of your knowledge. It is useful if you add some information about the grading system in your country (for example in the cover letter).

  • Masters degree name: Write the name of your highest degree here. If you haven't finished your masters degree you should still write you expected degree.  
  • Project title: If you are applying to a specific project such as for example “K­theory and Arithmetic Geometry”, then put this title. Otherwise put a short title that fits your interest.

  • Co-supervisor: Usually you leave this field blank. 

  • If main work place not UCPH, specify here: Normally you leave this field empty (your work place will be University of Copenhagen)! 

  • (Suggested) PhD advisor: If you have contact with a potential supervisor from our department, then put the name of this person here. If not, then you put the name or names of the faculty member that closest fit your interests. It is important that you give this some consideration as this person might be the first to review your application. It is a bad idea to leave this field blank.

  • Cover letter: You can use the cover letter to give us additional information about yourself. You can tell more about your education, your grades, about your research interests, and why you are applying to the University of Copenhagen. 

  • Documentation of language skills: If you are a non-­‐EU citizen (and not from a country where English is the native language), then you may be asked for documentation for proficiency in English. Don’t worry too much about it at this stage of the application process. If you get a stipend, then we will get back to this matter later. 
  • It is a good idea to look at the webpages of the PhD school of the Faculty of Science before you apply. You may run into the page with various forms including admission forms for potential PhD students (such as yourself). Do not fill in any of these forms (1A-1E) now! If you are given a PhD stipend, then we will get back to these forms later. 

Good luck with your application! 

Morten Risager (PhD coordinator).