After accepting a PhD stipend

This page is only relevant if you have already been offered and has accepted a PhD stipend. If not you should go to PhD calls page.

If you have been offered a PhD stipend (or in case you don't need a stipend because you have funding from other sources), then you must enroll as a PhD student at the PhD school of the Faculty of Sciences. This requires some paper work that you should do with help from your future advisor.

Here is how you do it: There are five (!) forms to be filled:

  • 1A - Application for admission (to be filled by PhD student),
  • 1B - Application for admission (to be filled by advisor and staff at the department),
  • 1C - Summary of interview with PhD student (to be filled by staff at the department),
  • 1D - Assessment of the applicant (to be filled by the staff at the department),
  • 1E - PhD plan (to be filled by the PhD student and the advisor).

You can find the forms here.

It is not expected that you can supply all information about your PhD studies in form 1E at this point. A final PhD plan is expected only a few months after you have begun your PhD studies.

The filled forms along with mandatory attachments (CV, Bachelor's and Master's degree diplomas, including grades, etc.) must be submitted to Nina Weisse (at our department) electronically (pdf by email). If the electronic version is not signed you should write in your email that you confirm the correctness of the content. Nina Weisse will obtain signatures from the advisor, the department chair, and from the PhD coordinator.

Your case will be assessed by a committee under the research committee of the department including the PhD coordinator who will fill part 1D. This is done automatically once the application is handed in to the department. The assessment report will be forwarded to the Faculty of Sciences together with the other documents

You need not attach a copy of the call. The department has a copy and will forward it together with your application.

It will usually take about one week from Nina Weisse has received the application until it is submitted to the faculty of sciences (with the necessary attachments), and the faculty of sciences will need 2-3 weeks to process the applications.

When all this is done and approved, then you are ready to become a PhD student at our department!