Conference: SYM 10 Years Old – University of Copenhagen

Conference: SYM 10 Years Old

June 24 - 28, 2019, the Center for Symmetry and Deformation is celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

Alexander Berglund (Stockholm)
Boris Tsygan (Northwestern)
Craig Westerland (Minnesota)
Dan Petersen (Stockholm)
Ellen Henke (Aberdeen)
Gabor Szabo (Leuven)
Gijs Heuts (Utrecht)
Gouliang Yu (Texa A&M)
Irakli Patchkoria (Aberdeen)
Jacob Lurie (Harvard)
Karen Vogtmann (Warwick)
Makoto Yamashita (Oslo)
Markus Szymik (Trondheim)
Narutaka Osawa (Kyoto)
Natalia Castellana (University Autonoma de Barcelona)
Nicolas Monod (Lausanne)
Oscar Randal-Williams (Cambridge)
Radha Kessar (City University of London)
Richard Hepworth (Aberdeen)
Sander Kupers (Harvard)
Thomas Schick (Goettingen)
Tobias Barthel (Copenhagen)
Ulrike Tillmann (Oxford)

Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Please find information for short-term visitors including directions to the mathematics department.

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