Gong talks

Gong 1

Emanuele Dotto

Witt vectors and polynomial maps

Ehud Meir

Representations of general linear group over local rings

Manuel Krannich  

Rational homotopy groups of diffeomorphism groups of discs, revisited

Stefan Wagner

Lifting noncommutative geometries

Gong 2

Daniela Egas

Your brain on topology

Calista Bernard

Abelian cohomology and Dyer-Lashof operations

Kristian Moi

Hermitian K-theory and L-theory

Valerio Proietti  

Groups with Spanier-Whitehead duality

Gong 3

Frank Lutz 

The random way to hunt for beasts in topology

Martin Speirs

The K-theory of truncated polynomial algebras without any tears

Marton Hablicek

Structures of deformation quantizations in positive characteristics.

Sune Reeh

p-completion à la Segal -- served with bisets

Gong 4

Anssi Lahtinen

String topology of finite groups of Lie type

Markus Hausmann

Commuting matrices and Atiyah's Real K-theory

Philipp Schmitt

Quantization of holomorphic functions on coadjoint orbits

Sam Nariman

On bordism of group actions