The MATH building at UCPH


A celebration of Erik Kjær Pedersen's tenure as Head of Department

Department of Mathematical Sciences, 
University of Copenhagen
June 20-21 2016

Conference schedule:

Monday 20 June
13:30-14:30 Tobias Colding, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                   "Level set flow"

15:00-16:00 Andrew Ranicki, University of Edinburgh
                   "Polynomials, quadratic forms, and the topology of manifolds" 

16:30-17:30 Wolfgang Lück, Universität Bonn
                   "Survey on L2-invariants"

19:00  Conference Dinner in Tivoli [Registration closed].

Tuesday 21 June
11:00-12:00 Charles Weibel, Rutgers University
                   "Witt groups of real algebraic varieties"

13:30-14:30 Ian Hambleton, McMaster University
                   "My mathematical interaction with Erik"

At 15:00 the celebration continues in Auditorium 1 with a reception for Erik.


Auditorium 4, HC Ørsted Institute, Universitetsparken 5, Copenhagen.


You will have to take care of finding accomodation yourself; we encourage you to do it quickly as Copenhagen has many visitors in June. Here is a list of recommended hotels and hostels.


Registration is only necessary for the conference dinner Monday evening. Registration is now closed; deadline was 5 June 2016.

Practical information:

How to find us.


Ib Madsen, Magdalena Musat, Lars Hesselholt & Katja Thorseth.