Representation theory of groups,
quantum groups, and operator algebras

The University of Copenhagen 

June 1 - 5, 2015

The study of group representations has been one of the main motivations behind the development of operator algebra theory since the 1940s. This course, aimed primarily at PhD students and postdocs, will introduce participants to some of the current trends in the overlap of representation theory and operator algebras. 


Nigel Higson (Penn State) [abstract 1]
C*-algebras and the noncommutative geometry of real reductive groups

Pierre Julg (Orléans)
The Baum-Connes conjecture and property T

Christian Voigt (Glasgow) [abstract 2]  [slides 1]
Complex semisimple quantum groups and representation theory

Research lectures:

Yuki Arano (Tokyo)
Ingrid Beltita (IMAR Bucharest)
Kenny De Commer (Brussels)
Pierre Julg (Orléans)
Sergey Neshveyev (Oslo)
Ryszard Nest (Copenhagen)
Roger Plymen (Southampton)
Eyal Subag (Tel Aviv)


[pdf1] schedule. Note: 10 means 10:00, etc.
[pdf2] abstracts
[pdf3] Friday's abstracts and schedule
[pdf4] list of participants
Registration: Monday 9-10am in 04.4.19 (coffee room on the fourth floor of the math department).

Lunch and dinner:

All participants are invited to join us for pizza on Monday evening in room 04.4.19, and for dinner on Wednesday evening at B'India, Blegdamsvej 130. Please let us know at registration, or by email by noon on Monday, whether or not you will attend the dinner on Wednesday.

We will book a table for lunch at the August Krogh building's caefeteria. Participants will be asked to pay for their own lunch, which typically costs around 25-50 kr.


The deadline for registration and applying for financial support has passed. Those receiving support should get and keep a copy of their travel itinerary, boarding passes etc. The reimbursement procedure will be explained during the conference. If you have registered but decided not to come, an email to would be appreciated.

Organised by Henrik Schlichtkrull (Copenhagen), Tyrone Crisp (Copenhagen) and Robert Yuncken (Clermont-Ferrand II).