Masterclass on Groups, boundary actions and group C*-algebras

The University of Copenhagen

13-17 April 2015


The purpose of this PhD Master class is to present the recent developments and applications of the theory of Poisson-Furstenberg boundaries of a group, both from the probabilistic approach, and from the new operator algebraic perspective.

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The main lecture series will be delivered by:

  • Emmanuel Breuillard, Universite Paris Sud 11
  • Vadim Kaimanovich, University of Ottawa
  • Matthew Kennedy, Carleton University
  • Robin Tucker-Drob, Rutgers University

There is also a special Harald Bohr Lecture by Efim Zelmanov on Tuesday, April 14, at 15:15.

Titles and abstracts:

  • Emmanuel Breuillard: Random Walks and Spectral Gaps.
  • Vadim Kaimanovich: Boundary of groups: geometry, probability and analysis.
  • Matthew Kennedy: Boundaries, injectivity and C*-simplicity for discrete groups.
  • Robin Tucker-Drob: Group invariant means and inner amenability.

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Notes for the lectures:

Notes taken by Hiroshi Ando:


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List of participants can be found HERE.

Organizers: Magdalena Musat, Mikael Rørdam