Mapping class groups and operads

The University of Copenhagen

September 3-7, 2007


Organizers: Nathalie Wahl and Craig Westerland.


  • Michael Ching (Johns Hopkins).
  • Johannes Ebert (Oxford).
  • Jeff Giansiracusa (IHES/Oxford).
  • Paolo Salvatore (Rome).

  • Program:


     Mon   11:15-13:00 Ching 
     15:15-16:15 Salvatore
     Bar, cobar constructions (Getzler-Kapranov, Ginzburg-Kapranov)
     Bar construction for topological operads
     Tue  10:15-12:00 Ebert
     15:15-16:15 Westerland
     Modular operads (Getzler-Kapranov)
     Koszul duality and string topology
     Wed  10:15-12:00 Giansiracusa
     15:15-16:15 Ebert
     Graph homology: Koszul and Verdier duality (Lazarev-Voronov)
     H_2(\bar M_g)
     Thu  10:15-12:00 Wahl
     15:15-16:15 Ching
     TCFT and Calabi-Yau categories (Costello)
     Koszul duality, configuration spaces and calculus of functors
     Fri  10:15-12:00 Westerland
     13:15-14:15 Giansiracusa
     Gromov-Witten potential and TCFT (Costello)
     Homology of the compactified moduli space



  • A. Lazarev, A. A. Voronov, "Graph homology: Koszul and Verdier duality" (Jeff)
  •  Ginzburg-Kapranov, " Koszul duality for operads" (Michael)
  • Getzler-Kapranov, "Cyclic operads and cyclic homology" and "Modular operads" (Johannes)
  • Costello, "Topological conformal field theories and Calabi-Yau categories" and "The Gromov-Witten potential associated to a TCFT" (Craig and Nathalie)