29 May 2022

Virtual ICM 2022 - International Congress in Copenhagen

ICM 2022

The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), originally planned to be held in St Petersburg this summer, has become an online event due to the war in Ukraine. The University of Copenhagen will play a prominent role in the Virtual ICM.

The MATH-building
The HC Ørsted Complex and the Department of Mathematical Sciences will host some of the International Congress of Mathematicians in July.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences will organise two major physical events in the Virtual ICM 2022:

First comes the ICM satellite conference "Operator algebras, Dynamics and Groups", organised by the department’s Operator Algebras Group. The conference will take place at the HC Ørsted Institute from 1-4 July 2022 and will cover a broad range of topics within von Neumann algebra and C*-algebra theory and their connections to (geometric) group theory and dynamics.

Four of the 28 invited speakers are also invited section speakers for Section 8 (Analysis) of the ICM, and they are offered the possibility to give their ICM talk at the satellite conference. In this way, the satellite conference will bring to life at least some of the ICM atmosphere.

- We are looking forward to welcoming the many speakers and participants of the satellite conference to Copenhagen, says Mikael Rørdam, Deputy Head of Department and member of the Operator Algebras Group. For more information, please see the satellite conference homepage.

6-14 July then follows the "ICM sectional workshop in geometry and topology", organised by the department’s GeoTop Centre and the University of Münster. Read more about the geometry/topology conference here.