Geometry and Topology, ICM sectional workshop

Copenhagen skyline

University of Copenhagen
6-14 July 2022

Satellite of the virtual ICM

The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) is the world's largest mathematical meeting. Taking place every four years, it presents a unique opportunity for interaction of mathematicians from the whole world and across all mathematical disciplines.

The ICM 2022 was recently reorganised as an online event, and this event will host some of the talks real life, and attempt to salvage, on a smaller scale, some of the usual spirit of an ICM. The focus of the event in Copenhagen will be the Geometry and Topology sections, though it will not be restricted to those. Similar events are being organized at other locations, see links below.

All the talks of the ICM 2022 will be streamed and we also plan "public viewings" of ICM talks held at other locations, see below for the speakers who will be present in Copenhagen. We expect to have limited financial support for junior participants and will hold short communications sessions for junior participants.

We are looking forward to an exciting and lively mini-ICM 2022 in Copenhagen!

You can either participate in person 🇩🇰 or online 🌎 through the official virtual ICM



Plenary speakers

Tobias Colding
Alexander Kuznetsov
Michel Van den Bergh

LMS public lecture

Karen Vogtmann


Geometry Section

Topology Section

Danny Calegari Jennifer Hom
Richard Bamler
Thomas Nikolaus
Kai Cieliebak Oscar Randal-Williams
David Fisher Jacob Rasmussen
Peter Hintz Nathalie Wahl
Gustav Holzegel  
Kathryn Mann
Mark Mclean
Richard Schwartz
Robert Young

Algebraic and complex geometry


Bruno Klingler Amnon Neeman
Chi Li Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace

History of Mathematics


Krishnamurthi Ramasubramanian  

In addition to the talks by ICM speakers, we will have a few sessions of short communications, see under Programme for the schedule, full list of speakers, as well as titles and abstracts.








See our local programme in Copenhagen here. See here for the titles and abstracts of the main talks, and the program of the short communications.

All the LIVE talks (plenary talks, LMS lecture, sectional talks and short communications) will take place in Aud 1. The viewing of ONLINE talks will be held in Aud 4.

See the programme for the Virtual ICM 2022 at the IMU webpage.

Videos of the ICM sectional and plenary lectures can be found on the IMU's YouTube channel, and Karen Vogtmann's LMS public lecture can be found on GeoTop's YouTube channel (click here for a direct link).










































Scientific Programme:

Administration: Jan Tapdrup, email:, phone (+45) 24 87 36 85



Links to other ICM viewing events:

Applied Mathematics (London)

Lie Theory and Generalizations (Singapore)

Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry (Zurich)

Probability and Mathematical Physics (Helsinki)

Dynamics in Jerusalem, (July 3–8)

Satellite conference in Copenhagen: Operator Algebras, Dynamics and Groups (July 1-4, Copenhagen) (including several ICM speakers from the Analysis section)

See also ICM satellite coordination group for further links to ICM events.