Operator algebras, dynamics and groups

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An ICM 2022 Satellite Conference. July 1-4, 2022

The conference will bring together top researchers as well as early-career mathematicians in all areas of operator algebras with emphasis on applications to dynamics and group actions. The goal of the conference is to highlight the current status of the many directions that the field of operator algebras has taken, and to look at future challenges in the field.

The 4-day long conference will start early Friday July 1 and end late afternoon of Monday July 4. The conference program will include 25-30 talks. It is organized by the operator algebra group at the University of Copenhagen assisted by an international scientific advisory board.

The 2022 ICM in St Petersburg starts on July 6. There are convenient travel connections between Copenhagen and St Petersburg.

Everyone is welcome to attend the conference. A registration form will be set up before December 1. There will be (limited) funds to support junior participants.



This list is preliminary. More names will be added.

*) To be confirmed.









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The conference will take place at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. See detailed instructions on how to reach Copenhagen and the conference venue.

Tickets and passes for public transportation can be bought at the Copenhagen Airport and every train or metro station. You can find the DSB ticket office on your right-hand side as soon as you come out of the arrival area of the airport. DSB has an agreement with 7-Eleven, so many of their shops double as selling points for public transportation.

A journey planner in English is available.

More information on the "find us" webpage.







Available hotel rooms in Copenhagen could be sparse during the conference due to the "Tour de France"  (see menu about the bicycle race below), but the conference has secured rooms at the following hotels:

The "rooms" at Hotel 9 Smaa Hjem are in fact apartments with small kitchens that can accommodate two people in each, so perfect for sharing. Breakfast is not included at this hotel, but is at the other three hotels.

All four hotels are within relatively easy walking distance to the math department: Hotel Nora is 1,6 km from the math department, Avenue and 9 Smaa Hjem are both 2,1 km, and CabInn Scandinavia is 2.7 km away. Public transport also functions well in Copenhagen as an alternative to walking.

Hotel rooms via the block bookings must be reserved via the registration page. You are of course also welcome to make your own hotel booking if you prefer (but it may not be so easy).

The math department will pay the hotels directly (which will result in cheaper rates), so - unless the conference pays for your accommodations (eg. invited speakers or participants who were granted support by the conference) - you must pay the cost of the hotel to the conference. More information about how this works will be posted later.

Because of scarcity of hotels in Copenhagen during the days of the conference, final bookings - and payment - must be made no later than March 31, 2022. You will get reminders about this deadline in due time.



Thanks to a grant from the Carlsberg Foundation, there are (limited) funds available to support PhD students and postdocs who wish to attend the conference. Application for support will be integrated in the registration form - and registration opens sometime in November.

















Registration will open December 3, 2021.











Local organizers:

Scientific Advisory Board:




This is an official satellite conference of the ICM 2022 in Saint Petersburg, which starts on July 6, 2022 and ends on July 14.

You can find much more information about the ICM on its website, and you can register for the ICM here.



It so happens that Tour de France for the first time in its history will visit Denmark in 2022, see HERE for more information.

The first leg of the famous bicycle race version 2022 will take place in Copenhagen on July 1 (the same day as our conference starts) with a 13 km time trial. The following two legs will also take place in Denmark, but not in Copenhagen. You can find the route of the time trial HERE. It passes fairly close to the math department, which is located in the white triangle in the upper part of the map next to where it says "Niels Bohr Bygningen".

Besides offering a unique spectacle, the race will affect the conference in some other ways: Traffic including public transportation will be hugely affected - more information about how to get around that day will be posted when we get close to the conference. Hotels will be more difficult to book (we have made a number of block bookings in different hotels, see the accommodations information above), and even travel could be affected, so don't wait to the last moment with buying your ticket to Copenhagen.