New names

New employees and guests at the department

  • Sazzad Biswas, postdoc


    The department’s section Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics were 1 October 2019 supplemented with postdoc Sazzad Biswas.

  • Huixia Wang, PhD student


    Huixia Wang is employed as a PhD student from 1 September 2019, associated with the section for Statistics and Probability Theory, under the supervision of Carsten Wiuf and Anders Albrechtsen. »

  • Markus Land, visiting postdoc


    Markus Land arrived at the Department on October 1st, 2019, as a postdoc visiting the topology group through a stipend from the German Science Foundation. »

  • Nidhi Kaihnsa, postdoc at MBIO


    Nidhi Kaihnsa was employed as postdoc 1 September 2019 associated with the Section for Statistics and Probability Theory. She will be working with the research group Mathematics of reaction networks (MBIO) and Elisenda Feliu. »

  • Guchuan Li, postdoc


    Guchuan Li is employed as a postdoc researcher since 1 September 2019, associated with the Center for Symmetry and Deformation. He will be working with two research groups: Topology and Algebra & Number Theory. »

  • Alexis Aumonier, 4+4 PhD student


    Alexis Aumonier is employed as a 4+4 PhD student. It means, he will finish his Master’s degree here, and then work as a PhD student at the department. »

  • Sam Nariman, postdoc


    Sam Nariman was employed 1 September 2019 at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, associated with the Center for Symmetry and Deformation and the research groups Topology and Algebra & Number Theory. »

  • Karim Adiprasito, professor of Mathematics


    The Dean has appointed Karim Adiprasito as Professor of Mathematics at the Department of Mathematical Science from 1 September 2019. »

  • Andreas Bluhm, postdoc at QMATH


    Andreas Bluhm started September 1st 2019 as a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen. He will be working at the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH). »

  • Alexander Frei, PhD student


    Alexander Frei is employed as a PhD student, working with the section for Topology, Functional Analysis and Algebra. His supervisor is Søren Eilers. »