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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Berg, ChristianProfessor emeritus GAMP, SPT +45 353-20777E-mail
Ditlevsen, SusanneProfessor SPT +45 353-20785E-mail
Feliu, ElisendaAssociate professor SPT, MBIO, ALG +45 353-20794E-mail
Hansen, ErnstHead of studies SPT +45 353-20773E-mail
Hansen, Niels RichardHead of section, professor SPT +45 353-20783E-mail
Helmer, MartinPostdoc SPT, MBIO, ALG +45 353-32917E-mail
Henningsen, Inge BiehlEmeritus SPT  E-mail
Jacobsen, MartinProfessor emeritus SPT +45 353-20776E-mail
Kühnel, LineIndustrial Postdoc SPT +45 353-30288E-mail
Lauritzen, Steffen L.Professor SPT +45 353-37597E-mail
Leváková, MariePostdoc SPT +45 353-24195E-mail
Markussen, BoAssociate professor SPT +45 353-20778E-mail
Musat, Magdalena ElenaAssociate professor NCG, SPT, SYM +45 353-20745E-mail
Pascual Escudero, BeatrizPostdoc ALG, SPT, MBIO  E-mail
Peters, Jonas MartinProfessor SPT  E-mail
Sadeghi Manesh, AmirhosseinPostdoc MBIO, SPT  
Stuart, Robyn MargaretAssistant professor, tenure track   
Stuart, Robyn MargaretAssistant professor SPT +45 353-34274E-mail
Sørensen, HelleProfessor SPT +45 353-37805E-mail
Sørensen, MichaelHead of Department SPT, IE +45 353-30402E-mail
Tolver, AndersAssociate professor SPT +45 353-32337E-mail
Topsøe, FlemmingEmeritus GAMP +45 35 02 07 33E-mail
Wang, HuixiaPhD fellow   E-mail
Weichwald, SebastianPostdoc SPT +45 353-34325E-mail
Wiuf, CarstenProfessor SPT, MBIO +45 51 31 99 91E-mail
Xu, ChuangPostdoc MBIO, SPT +45 353-24297E-mail