Schedule of the academic year 2014-15

Disclaimer: the schedule of this year was heavy on topology. This has since changed.

The organizer of this year was Massimiliano Ungheretti.

Date Speaker Topic
9 Sept 2014 Christopher Davis What is a Witt vector?
18 Sept MOVED to Thursday 11:15 Sune Precht Reeh What is a fusion system?
23 Sept Irakli Patchkoria What is Spanier-Whitehead duality?
30 Sept Department colloquium: Peter Teichner

7 Oct


(TQFT workshop) Clarisson Rizzie Canlubo What is a quantum group?
14 Oct Dieter Degrijse What is a Coxeter group?
21 Oct 2014 Tomasz Prytuła What is a Davis-Januszkiewicz space?
28 Oct Herald Bohr lecture: Etienne Ghys
5 Nov, 14:00 Kristian Moi What is algebraic K-theory?

11 Nov


Nadim Rustom What is a modular form?

18 Nov


Jamie Gabe What is a nuclear C*-algebra?

28 Nov

Double inaugural lectures Hansen/Christandl
5 Dec Isabelle Laude What is a partial group?

12 Dec

Aud 9, 15:15

Søren Knudby What is a II_1 factor?
19 Dec Nisse Nissesen What is a Julefrokost?

9 Jan (2015)


Nadim Rustom What is a modular form?
16 Jan Niek de Kleijn What is a tangent groupoid?
23 Jan Dustin Clausen What is étale cohomology?
30 Jan Beren Sanders What is an algebraic stack?
6 Feb Ehud Meir What is a fusion category?
13 Feb Christian Majenz What is an entropy cone?
20 Feb Giacomo Cherubini What is a Fuchsian group?
27 Feb Tyrone Crisp What is a D-module?
6 Mar Eduardo Paiva Scarparo What is a supramenable group?
13 Mar David Schrittesser What is forcing?
24 Apr Cancelled

Clarisson Rizzie Canlubo

What is homological mirror symmetry?