Young Topologists Meeting 2018                  

University of Copenhagen

July 9–13, 2018

The Young Topologists Meeting is an annual event that has previously been organised by the EPFL, Switzerland; the University of Copenhagen; and jointly by Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology. The YTM 2018 will take place in Copenhagen July 9–13, 2018. The meeting is intended as an opportunity for graduate students, recent PhDs, and other junior researchers in topology to meet each other and share their work. In addition to short talks by the participants, the program for the meeting will include lectures by Kathryn Mann (Brown University) and Mike Hill (UCLA).

Participants, July 2018. Click for large photo.
Participants, July 2018. Click for large photo.


We are pleased to announce the following mini-courses:

Multiplicative transfer maps in equivariant stable homotopy theory (Mike Hill)
Abstract: The equivariant stable homotopy category is a perpetual source of surprise and confusion for algebraic topologists. Classically, the focus has been on the surprising occurrence of the transfer when we build a category in which G-manifolds have a good notion of duality. This makes computations significantly trickier, greatly increasing the complexity of the algebraic approximations to equivariant stable homotopy. More recent work has considered instead the multiplicative versions of the transfer and an enrichment to the symmetric monoidal structure on G-spectra. This has a host of exciting and often confusing computational ramifications. I'll focus on how we can encode these for finite groups, and then describe some exciting new work in the compact Lie and motivic cases.

Flat bundles, foliations, and group actions on manifolds (Kathryn Mann)
Abstract: The theory of flat (or foliated) fiber bundles is a rich subject at the intersection of topology, dynamics, geometry and foliation theory. This course will give an introduction to the area through discussion of accessible, low-dimensional examples and foundational results, including characteristic classes of flat bundles, dynamics of group actions on manifolds, bounded cohomology and the Euler class. I'll also devote some time to explaining techniques in new work on rigidity of geometric examples of flat circle bundles.

Schedule & booklet

A timetable for the conference and the conference booklet are now available. You can also download a map of Dyrehaven, which is the suggested excursion on Wednesday.


We will be providing accommodation for a large number of participants. We have also provided travel funding from the NSF to some people from US institutions; we have emailed everyone from a US institution who applied for such funding. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer funding for travel expenses of other participants. If you have received NSF funding please be aware that there are restrictions on which flight tickets they are willing to refund: you will need to book tickets with a U.S.-flag air carrier.

If you require help regarding visas (e.g. a letter of invitation) then please get in contact with the organisers, explaining what you need.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation and NSF Grant DMS-1818905.


The department provides information on how to get to Copenhagen.


We will be able to cover accommodation for approximately 180 participants. The deadline for registration with accommodation was 28th of February. Accommodation is at DanHostel Copenhagen City, in 4-person shared rooms. We provide rooms from Sunday to Friday (i.e. check in Sunday, check out Friday). Bed linen and towel is provided. Rooms will be assigned by gender unless requested otherwise on your application form (we'll try our best to accommodate such requests, but can't guarantee that it will be possible to do so!). Everyone who applied for accommodation before the deadline has been emailed a confirmation form; please let us know if you haven't received this.

Conference dinner

There will be a conference dinner on Thursday 12th July. This is free of charge. Participants should have received a sign-up form (also asking about confirming accommodation) by email; please let us know if you haven't received this.


The registration form closed on the 31st of March (or the 28th of February if applying for accommodation). We have made decisions on speakers, and have emailed everyone who applied to give a talk to let them know whether or not they got a talk. Please let us know if you haven't received an email.


For questions about the meeting, please write to the organizers at


  • David Bauer
  • Zhipeng Duan
  • Joshua Hunt
  • Mikala Jansen
  • Malte Leip
  • David Mehrle