ALG/NCG/TOP PhD students' seminar

Time and place: Bi-weekly on Friday, from 15:15 to 16:15, in Aud 8.

The following is a list of past and upcoming speakers; click on the links to see details on the talks.

Date Speaker


17 Mar 2016 M. Ungheretti

Hochschild homology and the cohomology of free loop spaces

08 Apr 2016 N. de Kleijn

(Gelfand's) Formal Geometry and the Algebraic Index Theorem

12 May 2016 M. Krannich

Scanning & Stability – Scrutinizing topological moduli spaces

20 May 2016 C. Canlubo

Covering spaces and fundamental groupoids of noncommutative spaces

03 Jun 2016 B. Böhme

Thinking equivariantly

15 July 2016 G. Szucs

Equivariant bordism

23 Sep 2016 K. A. Brix

Classification of one-sided topological Markov shifts

07 Oct 2016 D. Destefano

Analytic families of p-adic modular forms in level 1

16 Dec 2016 E. A. Nielsen

Operations on Hochschild homology

The seminar is organised by Valerio Proietti and Manuel Krannich; if you're interested in giving a talk, please contact them.